Sep. 9th, 2017

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Tim asked me to join him at South Bay Pride, Keagan asked to come by for a break from work at Industrial Grind. I had to go to the gym first, and even that got pushed back from someone asking questions about escorting. I had a better workout than the day before.

Keagan arrived just as I was getting out of the shower, we talked about his current work - immigration stuff, but it's often the case that things are cut and dry against his potential clients - and life since he's been gone. Apparently only 3 months? Seems like longer. He declined to come with to Pride, but said he might be up for going out later.

Dragged myself down to Chula Vista, found Tim and Pupple, but really wasn't in the mood to be around people. Usually, of course, being around people changes that, but it didn't this time. It didn't help that there were so many children there. Children love Pupple, but are terrible about respecting boundaries and space. And even when Pupple starts growling at them, they take that as a sign they should pet him more. I hate them. I left an hour or two after arriving. I managed to doze briefly at home, texted around to see who was up for PECS or something, but no one was. Bryan Riley messaged me around 11:30 to go out, but I was tired and Lady Miss Friday was laying against my side, which is unusual.


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