Mar. 26th, 2017


Mar. 26th, 2017 05:31 pm
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We woke up around 6, he fucked me again, but ultimately had to get home. I'd hoped to get a nap in before Bug's brunch, but couldn't fall asleep. Lady Miss Friday was glad to have me back, at any rate. Somehow missed the street to turn on to - all of .8 of a mile away from my place, so ended up circling back. Not so bad, really, since I arrived at the same time as another girl and the invite included the gate code but not the apartment number. So at least I wasn't wandering around alone.

As expected, there wasn't much in the way of vegan anything there. Potatoes and I would later find out the pecans were vegan. Not my first rodeo, so I ate before I left home. And it's gauche to show up empty handed, even if you're not eating, so I had my TJ's peach bellini. The company was great, too - surprisingly large number of straight guys and gals, all great folks, and my favorite attendees, two puppy dogs. Ilse is a tall, thin, timid pup who kept walking around with her toys in her mouth. Not asking to play, really, just showing them off. Sunny is a smaller, louder, pup with turned out paws. He tried to play tug with Ilse's rope a couple times, but kept losing. And the last time she gave him the paw to the face. Poor guy. Billy was there with a bottle of Prosecco he was using as a cup, and had apparently forgotten seeing me at all on Friday.

Paul posted to FB, asking if anyone could house a friend of his while he got on his feet. Of course. And then 10 min later I got a message from Jeff asking if he could crash at my place. Notified Kirby that I was having a couple friends crash with me for a couple days, and he decided to find a new place to crash. McEwen asked about going to The Hole, since he had work at 5:30. I invited Billy, but he was concerned the clouds wouldn't burn off in time. After a brief bit of confusion over who was driving and who was going to who's place, I picked him up.

The Hole was sunny but sparsely populated, which was odd. I chatted with Brad who is still unhappily with his partner and also hit on McEwen. Also met Cameron, a gent who'd hit me up on Grindr about a year ago, but we couldn't make the timing work. I met a guy named John too, though I don't remember him. We only had time for one drink there, and McEwen was still late to work, but called and told them another car was blocking his in.

I laid down at home but stopped short of passing out. One of the girls from the brunch decided to host a bonfire, so I moseyed over there. It was also sparsely attended, with Billy being the only one I knew. I brought vodka, but opted not to drink myself. I mostly concerned myself with trying to befriend her super timid ridgeback/pitbull mix. He kept coming outside, but just to let her know that he wanted her to come inside with him, much the way Lady Miss Friday does when I'm in the living room. Billy and I left at the same time, and McEwen apparently got out early. It was only 8:30, so I offered to still go out. Unfortunately, he wasn't ready until almost 10, which is way past my bedtime, so I tapped out of the rest of the night.

Jeff came over at some point. Crawled into bed with me, then hopped in the shower and got back in....and then left again. Oh, drugs.


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