Jul. 7th, 2017


Jul. 7th, 2017 01:19 pm
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Since Keith asked me and Ben to come for an extra rehearsal, and Lady Miss Friday isn't wild about me rehearsing in my room, I decided to just stay after learning various dances. The videos are very very hard to follow, so props to everyone who is able to do that.

I got a text from Keith that he was running late, sent my condolences and stopped at Target to look for the Bareskin condoms that Warren asked for, and also try to figure out what to make for dinner(s). Naturally, I couldn't decide on anything and wandered around the store for like...an hour. Maybe more. Browsed rainbow stuff, because I'm not married to my outfit, even though I've already bought it. Didn't see anything, and was short on time anyway.

Waited at home for any word from Keith, but then got a group text saying "well, unless we hear from Eric..." Called him directly, and it turns out a bunch of the group texts hadn't gone through. Grrrrr. He doesn't live far from me, and really just wanted to go over the middle of Single Ladies, which I already have down. So.

Back at my place I wrangled with Warren over the night's plans. He wants to check out Numbers early, but then go to Flick's and Rich's. I haven't been to Rich's in well over a year, and with good reason. But Warren is 22, and Rich's is a very very 22 establishment. Just before he got to my place, he asked if a friend could join us. Um...who's the friend? Noah. That's not what I was asking and you know it. It turns out it's Noah from Paul's place, and almost worth it to have him along to see Warren's doubletake by my already knowing him.

We walked over to Numbers and got there waaaaay early. Like...too early to even pay cover. Todd talked to me for a while, as did a couple of the other people setting up, and I get the feeling they'd have been asked to come back later if they hadn't been with me. Once the night did start, I bought Warren's drink for him, did a shot with the bartender. I met Warren's friend Regi who dances at Mesa. I also found out that my first dance teacher, Jan Ellis, died a couple years ago. That was sort of an unexpected bombshell. They did a whole concert in memorial, which I'd have liked to have been part of, but probably couldn't have anyway.

Warren and Noah left to get stamped, but I'm a big boy and can pay my own cover these days. I probably should have walked, actually, as it would have slowed my drinking down. I stayed talking to a very very drunk Shaun, which slowed me down anyway. And then Julian started messaging me, which only intensified how weird the night was. I also ran into Berto and Rizzo, two of the soloists from the last SDGMC show. Berto wants to sleep with me, but we never got around to it previously. Warren and Noah came back fairly quickly, all considered, and then signed up for Lube Wrestling. I took photos, someone else took video. Another guy there is a professional, which was really not fun at all to watch.

Once they got cleaned up, we walked over to Rich's. My night gets a little fuzzy from there, but I bought one drink (now $10), danced with Warren, and introduced him to some friends. Weirdly, it's only *being* at Rich's that's a blur, because I remember getting home and chatting with Richard, listening to music, drinking water, and finally going to bed.


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