Jun. 17th, 2017

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Annnnd I woke up at 6. Which is insane. I thought I had rehearsal at 10, but checked again and wasn't due in until noon. Still couldn't get back to sleep, but I did manage to listen to my song a million more times.

We learned "Ain't No Mountain" first which is basic. Very basic. Step touch level basic. And John is there for it, which is a pleasant surprise. Hour and a half break between that and the next one, Raise Your Glass. I ran into Keith on the way back in, and he mentioned he wanted me to be "dance captain" which tends to mean the one responsible for remembering the choreography at each show.

As it turns out, there's not even much to remember. He choreographed two 8 counts of the chorus, and the rest of the time we're walking like rich people. And then he demanded ideas from us. I don't have anything against a collaborative process. I don't even have anything against wanting the dancers to come up with most of the movement. But it's seriously fucking awful to just spring it on us in the moment. "What do you have for me? Come on, anything!" And what we ended up with was jumping in place, step touch bullshit.

Finally home, I showered, borrowed Bryan's phone to take some pics of Lady Miss Friday, then headed up to the party. We got there just as Chad was having to leave - he apparently remembers less of PECS from the other night than I do. Picard was there (not that one), slightly tipsy and alternately thanking and grilling me on what I remember from his Halloween costume. He was a surprisingly accurate Jareth, but guys (children, really) kept confusing him for a generic rock star.

After a couple hours, my plan to not drink went out the window. On the one hand, that really helped me enjoy the party. I took part in the blow-up slide, made out with Paul in the top part, briefly jumped on Eric's dick much later in the night. On the other hand, shortly after I started drinking, I decided I wanted to hear my song more, so I had my single headphone in for the rest of the party (this actually made me Ryan's hero, and at least one new friend). On the other hand, my whole night gets really fuzzy, Terrence had to give me a ride home, and I threw up somewhere. I think.


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