Jun. 15th, 2017

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Happened to run into Jeff and his friend as they rummaged about in the morning. Like a good lawyer, I asked the question I already knew the answer to - how's recovery? It always amazes me when people are bluntly honest, and he nonchalantly said he'd been using. I noted that I had a client coming over in the evening and they should mosey.

Texted with Austin, confirmed that I'd be free in the evening, and I would text him around 6:30. Since we met in person, I also told him my HIV status, which he said wasn't a problem.

Worked out twice in the office, since I didn't figure I'd have time to do it in the evening. Jeff, friend, and Bryan were all awake and sitting around in a horrible mess of an apartment when I got there. Told them they needed to get gone again, ran around cleaning. I like having a vacuumed apartment, I hate vacuuming, because Lady Miss Friday hates when I vacuum. But it needed to be done. Jeff and friend left, Bryan stayed outside. Whatever. Norman was very impressed with Topher, even though he couldn't cum. Ordinarily, I'd have shot for him, but given that I was meeting with Austin later, this *constantly* happens, and Norman is getting an ever increasing deal as rates continue to rise and his back continues to degenerate.

Topher left for his meeting, Norman took off, I texted Austin, asking how his intervening 5 hours had been. Boring, he'd just jerked off a bunch. Oh...okay? He asked me to pick him up, so I did. He's living with his sister, and came out in pajamas. We rolled around on the bed some, but he doesn't want to have sex with a positive person without a condom. Which is the sort of thing he should probably have noted when I told him I was positive. I was too tired to keep a hard on with a condom, and he'd jerked off too many times. He wanted to watch my porn, but quickly got bored. He has ADHD, or something, because everything was like that. We finally connected about music in the car on the ride back, but it was so late by then I had to cut it short.


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