Jun. 9th, 2017


Jun. 9th, 2017 08:06 am
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I was a complete zombie at work, but had so much to do. We started a legal research group at work, presumably in response to many of us (could've been just me, IDK) noting that we're largely glorified admin. Lynelle is heading up the group, and working to find ways to make the research we do valuable to more than just us - ways it can help the staff attorneys, as well. It's in addition to our normal work, entirely optional, but very valuable. Lynelle really does go above and beyond to try to make our jobs something we like. It's going to make me feel slightly guilty for leaving, if I can ever manage that, but 1) not that guilty and 2) she absolutely wants us to pursue our passions and be happy.

Since I have so many side projects, I hadn't managed much on the research portion, so I spent a large part of the day trying to get as far as I could. I still only got 5 sections done, and nearly panicked and canceled the whole thing. Several times. Not to worry, though, as no one was completely finished, and Din got even less done than I did. Stayed an extra half hour getting mail and claims tagged, still had to leave some stuff. It's enough.

I stopped at the gym on the way home for what seemed to be the shortest workout ever, but turned out to be an hour. Better than nothing.

Dave was supposed to get done with his stuff around 7, which unfortunately didn't leave me with enough time to nap, but I did lay down with Lady Miss Friday. He didn't end up finishing until about 8, so I really could have. Oh well.

I picked him up from the Hilton out there - a large confusing complex that of course charges for parking, but at least has 3 minute passenger loading. Met his sister, too, who is lovely. Invited her to brunch, but she doesn't think she'll be able to make it.

Bryan was at Flicks, planning on The Eagle later. I was very upfront with Dave that I didn't think I'd make it out at all. In addition to being exhausted, I'm trying (with mixed success) to avoid bottoming, and why even go into that cupcake shop? I was more than happy to set him up with my friends to go out with, though. Wouldn't even be upset if he fucked around without me.

Tim came by with Pupple - he and Dave get along quite well. I poured some wine for Dave and he decided not to go out either. We laid down and of course ended up fucking anyway.


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