Jun. 8th, 2017

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McEwen messaged me in the morning; he'd brought home a drifter on Tuesday night after drinking heavily and ditching his friends, they'd smoked weed, and the drifter had stolen his keys and Gameboy. Also possibly his cash, but he might have also spent that, he's not sure. This is the second time in less than 7 days that he's had tragedy from drinking to blackout, and I noted that. He wanted to use my AAA to get into his car and see if he has a spare, so I told him I'd call them after my appointment.

Earlier in the week, I'd tried to schedule a doctor's appointment. Largely just due for STD screening, but also figured I'd see if there's anything stronger for my ass and see what's up with my possible anemia, too. They'd scheduled it for 4, so I called to see if they had anything later. No, but there's like, and hour on Monday and Thursday evenings for walk ins. I'd initially agreed to that, but then Bryan needed to get groceries, Christina wanted to meet for lunch, and I will never ever ever use all of my sick time, so I called back the next day to see if the appointment was still available. It wasn't available, but only because the first girl had never canceled it. I guess.

Stayed on task through the morning, but then Christina said she wasn't able to make lunch. Got home and while Bryan wasn't there, my pharmacy delivery guy, Frederico, was sitting in his car. Copay needed on some meds, and they only take cash or check. He came in while I wrote the check, then I blew him. If I'd just gotten home earlier and had a chance to get cleaned up, we could've gone with the full porn scene. But then, I'm also trying to take a break from bottoming, so....

Bryan still wasn't home, so I laid down with Lady Miss Friday. She even put her head on my leg, so I was naturally tempted to cancel my appointment anyway. Bryan did come home just before I left, but I guess he already went grocery shopping, which suits me fine.

Found parking, waited for the doc. Noel is a neighbor of mine...and come to think of it now, I might have had sex with him, I'm just not certain. He's also a doctor, and doctor enough to have people training under him. As always, I put everyone at ease by cracking jokes and being quite blunt about my extra curriculars. There isn't much to be done about my butt, but they ordered labs and prescribed something hopefully stronger. We'll see what happens.

Couldn't remember what I needed for groceries, so I just got the essentials of tofu and meatballs and vodka. Also some toothpaste and other household things. Nearly $100, which...I guess. Also got a text from a guy I played with a month ago that he popped positive for gonorrhea & chlamydia, which would have been better to hear before my doctor's appointment. Finally tried to get AAA via the web, but that didn't work, so I drove over to Matt. It's actually good I didn't get there sooner, because he lives by the hospital, and it's permit only until 7pm. I'm not sure where he expected me to park when he called. The tow truck guy was really nice. Opened the door, told McEwen to make sure all the other doors were unlocked, then got on his way. Naturally, McEwen didn't, the door closed and he had to run after the tow truck. Nice guy that he was, the tow operator opened the door again without dinging my AAA a second time.

Tim asked to come by with Pupple, I told Bryan I'd meet him at Brick for his birthday, tired as I was. We walked over there, I caught up with Jon Paul and Rashid, chatted briefly with a slightly squeaked Drew, but then left shortly after McMann et al showed up.


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