Jun. 7th, 2017

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The gent from Syria and I have been talking on WhatsApp. He happened to mention that he'd been threatened over his LGBT activism, so I naturally started filling out a K1 Fiance travel visa. Bit more complicated than that, as he's actually wanted by the law there for draft dodging and has no ID or passport. He lives at home, and is fairly depressed.

We had rehearsal for Single Ladies at EOS. Keith ran a bit late because he no longer works at that location. More disturbing, we're literally doing the choreography from the video, but he's not teaching it to us unless and until we can't learn it by watching the video. My time would have been better spent on Youtube tutorials. On the plus side, I did ask Joe if the choreographers could make tutorials for their own work. In a show where we get to rehearse everything roughly twice, it makes sense for the video we're practicing on to be from someone who knows it, as opposed to watching us from the first time we learn it.

Tim stopped by with Pupple while we were still waiting for Keith. I like that EOS is so dog friendly.


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