Jun. 6th, 2017

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I worked on the nonprofit most of the day, then got hit up by Zach towards the end. I've been chatting with Zach for several months now, and timing has just never worked out for us. Currently, I'm trying not to bottom. Persistence is key, though, and I agreed to meet him at my place after the gym, and he said he'd bus over instead of me picking him up. I had the worst gym workout I've had in a loooong while, and I'm not sure what's causing it. Got home just in time to shower and clean up the place a little before Zach arrived. I was really worried because my ass isn't perfect right now, but he's pretty torn up himself. We'd talked about felching, but he came almost as soon as I got inside of him, so I jumped on his dick real quick and came for him, too. Shot his eye, unfortunately, though he didn't seem to mind. Got him cleaned up, then he got hard again and amazingly, so did I. I wasn't hard enough to fuck him, though, so I rode him again, and came buckets again. He's been both here and positive since the fall; I think October for both.

He'd only been over for a little more than an hour, and even though I planned to give him a ride home, it didn't seem like enough time to justify the bus ride he just took, so I offered to make dinner, or watch Netflix, or just take him home. He opted for Netflix, and we watched Kimmy Schmidt. Couple jokes I missed the first time around. We curled up on the couch together, but it was an awkward, if affectionate, position. He lives over by the 15, so neither super close nor super far.


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