Jun. 1st, 2017

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I thought wrong, as Bryan came home some time in the middle of the night loud enough to wake me up and keep me up. I really put it to him in the morning, texting him "how's the apt search going?" But we're going to work to make a budget for him.

Lynelle and Dave had sent out a mandatory, important meeting for 9:30 or I might have called in sick. The meeting, it turns out, wasn't to fire us all or to give us pony rides, but to inform us that Kathy got a promotion, which is great. One of the PA's didn't get her copy of a record, so I called the superior court clerk who insisted to me that we don't get a copy. And then argued with the court of appeal. Last I checked, my contact at COA's supervisor had to send a "reminder" email to him and his supervisor, calling their attention to the rules of the court.

Some other asshat blocked me for pointing out that Kathy Griffin apologized, where no one else holding up presidential effigies has. People are so attached to their world view. On the plus side, I had plenty of energy for my workout despite being exhausted. :-D And I thought about going straight home after work, but stopped by the gym for a quick workout...and ended up working out for the full two hours, lip syncing for my life the entire time.

I wasn't terribly tired or hungry at home, either, which is weird. Watched a couple episodes of Steven Universe, tried to edit my solo video for Warren, and went to be at 9.


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