May. 31st, 2017

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Woke up at 4am after a nightmare that built on other nightmares. Ruined world, survivors, etc. but then the person I was with decided he needed advice. Basically from Benita. Started out fine and I stayed in the waiting room with her receptionist/protege, but then things got weird and she started transforming him into progressively more horrific shapes. And those shapes started reaching for me to help.

Got an email early in the morning from a photographer, very bluntly asking if the "slash marks" on my chest were permanent. Despite how often tricks ask about them, I'm only vaguely aware of my scars on any given day. Having them called out like that makes me wonder how often they cost me gigs but the producer doesn't mention it to me. I thought about making a tweet, but tweets do better with photos, and I felt too fat. Out of nowhere, I also got an email from Shane Frost, the gent who'd wanted to represent me a few years back, but couldn't find any work for me. He wanted to know if I was still interested in "trying to find porn work."

Worked out in my office, then hit the gym on the way home, despite being tired and knowing I had rehearsal. It was a good workout, though not as good as the day before and I didn't get any cardio in.

While sitting on the floor doing abs, I got a sudden flurry of notifications from Twitter. Some guy who's 15k follower account specializes in circumcised dicks (he has a separate one for uncut) decided he liked me and talked me up to Guybone and all of his followers. I sat there dazed for a minute before even being able to respond.

JJD gave me some cat treats he'd had for his cat (RIP) - one dental cleaners and one regular. Lady Miss Friday loves both, which is great. Laid down with her but did finally have to get going to rehearsal. Forgot my shoes, though this didn't turn out to be so bad. Charles' number for "I'm Every Woman" is first, and it includes a single to double pirouette which I did perfectly every time...except when we filmed it. It's fine, I was still perfect when he watched, and when everyone else watched.

Keith was next with Single Ladies. Similar to the video, in the sense that the queens who already knew the video already knew his choreography...better than him. Slightly maddening, really, but we got through it.

I didn't get to bed completely on time, but I thought I'd have a better night's sleep by decompressing a bit first anyway.


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