May. 25th, 2017

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I've been getting a little ego boost all week long from the attention that Tyler Reed's posts have been generating...until I saw one of the others that has 5x the amount of buzz around it. The kid that I tried to help hasn't responded to me and just hit his friend up for money again. Doesn't bode well for the nonprofit.

Terry, a gent from Vegas I've been chatting with for at least 6 months, was out in LA visiting his sister yesterday and decided to extend the trip by a day and (finally) swing down to see me. He got to SD a couple hours before I got out of work and went straight to Mo's, like ya do. He wasn't quite prepared for how heavy they pour, and got a little tipsy. Mentioned to me that he was going to "try to be good" because he wanted to save his load for me, but he was logged in. I saw a little red over this. I've never even met this guy in person, but it struck me as incredibly rude for him to be "trying to be good" while logged into various cruising sites.

I finished my work, got home and cleaned up a little while I waited for him. I guess he didn't find anyone, because he came directly to my place. I met him outside and didn't actually recognize him. I don't think it's an old pic or anything, he just only vaguely resembles his profile picture. He's really not picky when it comes to long as it has meat in it. I thought about going out - City Dragon has fake meats and couple good tofu dishes, but ultimately decided we should just go to TJ's instead.

I was pre-heating the oven to make his dinner when he came up behind me and started kissing my neck. Okay, fuck break. He's a fine lover, but for some reason I kept remembering Julian. Like, the whole time. I came for him, shot myself in the eye even. Then finished dinner and put on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He mentioned going out at one point, but that's not a thing I really do on weekdays.

Tim came by later and also watched, though he apparently forgot some of the episodes. He's having a hard time wrangling his roommate, who is supposed to be helping him with boat work in exchange for a discount on the rent.

Tim left, I went to bed, no longer concerned at all if Terry stayed up watching TV, went out to a bar, had an orgy, etc. He joined me a little later, cuddling way too close for my taste.


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