May. 15th, 2017

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Work went much better. I'm not giving JJD happy puppy in the morning anymore, but I'm largely back to normal, and we talked more about Mouthy. One of the few other people he told (via text) very explicitly blames him.

Norman hit me up about a session, and I offered it to Michael first. I feel bad about us not getting to shoot with my company. I got an email from the PS folks, letting me know that Christian is a go, but Alex can't work because of scheduling. Would international porn superstar Brian Bonds be okay instead? If I must. I also got a text from a guy about two nights in June, but it seems to be a scam. Bummer on that front. Stopped at the store on the way back, bought a loaf of bread and somehow managed to not eat even half of it.

I found blood when I got home, which started me freaking out. It occurs to me on further reflection that I maybe wasn't as celibate as I should have been. But it also occurs to me that I keep bleeding the day after I get injured, and that's weird. I messaged Warren, the cute med student I've been talking to, and canceled our hook up for tomorrow. Bummer.

Watched RPDR with Lady Miss Friday on my computer at home and crashed.


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