May. 7th, 2017

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Early ass O'clock again. In the dim light, I couldn't really make out the person in the next bed, and initially asked "Michael" how the Strip was. It wasn't Michael, though, it was Trey, one of the new boys who'd come in. And apparently a gent named Pheonix was sleeping next to him, though I didn't make the mistake of trying to ID him in the semi-dark.

Over coffee, I chatted with Trey. He's a former dancer, though mostly lyrical. Him and Pheonix both took a liking to me, Trey chatting me up and curling up with me on the couch, and Pheonix hitting me up on Scruff. I worked out with Mason outside again..or I tried to. My nose started bleeding again as soon as I got into a handstand. WHAT THE FUCK BODY. I didn't have to, but I scrubbed the blood out of the bricks in the backyard.

I talked with Mason before our scene, and he let me know that he'd already talked to Tyler; if I bled again, they were just going to make it a flipping scene. I could have kissed him, except I was going to do just that in a bit anyway. At the last minute, Tyler also changed our scene to a semi-scripted one. Mason and I play the part of partners very well. The scene went well, overall. I bled just a little during the photos, but we pushed forward. I managed to get a few positions in, almost the whole way done, actually. But then we fucked doggy style, and I didn't feel any pain so I didn't think it was going to be a problem. Sure enough, I bled again, and we had to finish the scene with me topping. I kept getting into my head about it. Oh shit, he's filming from the front - it's because he doesn't want my dick in the shot. Fuck, he's moved around and he can see my dick. He's gonna cancel the whole shoot any second now. Those are always present when I top, but much louder when I'm on camera, of course. Accordingly, it's not my strong suit, but I fucked him, came inside and ate it out again. The cumming from fucking thing is very important to Tyler, and I'm glad it worked out.

A couple boys had hit me up for after my scene, but I was really in no position to bottom at all. Still pretty randy, though. Mason and I ate some sammiches. Nice to not have to worry about bottoming anymore. Not so nice that still all I had were peanut butter sammiches. Bummer. I edged myself in bed, then took some additional photos with Teddy for promo stuff. Unfortunately, that involved covering myself in baby oil, and the only showers in the place were next to the room that was being used to shoot in. Killed some time outside until I could finally rinse off. Pheonix apparently had wood problems, and Tyler wasn't happy.

Later, Michael was bottoming for Tyler and had issues of his own, presumably digestive as opposed to sanguine. He also got replaced, and might have lost a subsequent shoot as well. Tyler had to leave to take Scott and Bishop to the airport, the roid guys, Trey and Pheonix all passed out. Mason and I had a drink, I played Realiti for him, and then we swapped music, which became us jerking off together. He took video of him blowing me and me jerking off in his mouth, and I didn't even hate my cock in it. Tyler got back but I snuck past him. I was done for this trip, but Mason still had another scene tomorrow.

Some of the boys went for sushi, Trey and I stayed with Tyler and chatted. Trey also ordered some weed, and got cranky when they were late delivering it. When it did arrive, it was delivered by Brian Bonds, and he joined them to smoke some outside. I wasn't going to, since I was quite happy with the headphones Mason had loaned me and my booze, but I'd been more than enough of an outsider for this trip. Brian was fascinated by my scars and prefers "honey badger" to "ninja school."

Things eventually settled down and Mason climbed into my bed with me.


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