May. 5th, 2017

Vegas 1

May. 5th, 2017 09:38 pm
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I woke up early, of course. Michael, who'd gone to bed before me and woke up after, and found me in the same position reading both times, questioned if I ever slept. LOL. Mason, one of my costars, had a shoot with Kink in the morning, poured himself a shot of gin and was on his way. Michael, Teddy, and I went to the store for groceries. Michael mostly bought booze, they both bought inflatable pool toys. There really wasn't anything much vegan there, so I bought a loaf of bread and some peanut butter. I figure it will keep my stomach from freaking out but not be so good that I'm tempted to eat much of it.

People were fucking when we got back - Alex and Scott. It would become a much larger issue for me as the weekend progressed, but I don't have normal FOMO. I don't care if you went to a crazy party and rockstars showed up, and whatever wild and crazy thing happened. Everything I'm missing in regular FOMO, though, I have in exponential terms sexually. So when I looked at the schedule and saw I was only having sex with 3 people out of everyone in the house, listening to *them* fucking is downright torture.

The boys finished their scene, I got to meet them. Alex is gorgeous, with a warm and slightly flirty smile. Scott is a young man from the South, but he's already worked for most of the big studios. We had a really great conversation about the industry, really, with the much younger Scott telling me that my difficulty breaking into the industry has nothing to do with me, it's entirely that I didn't know the right people. Alex only lost his virginity a few years back, but has dove right in.

Tyler informed me we were moving my scene to 5, which set my mind racing, looking for things I could have done wrong in such a short time. Turns out Mason just wasn't back from his shoot. He was *very* late, and Tyler fucked us both as punishment...which seems a little backwards to me. He'd mentioned previously that he'd be doing wash every day, but still wanted to keep the lube to a minimum, so we mostly used spit for the whole thing. They DP'd me off camera and Tyler came. Mason and I had our actual scene together, and it went well. He was totally ready for me to eat his ass, which is helpful. He came, I came, we headed out to help the boys with dinner. I hadn't meant to drink, but when in Rome....


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