Apr. 30th, 2017

Deja Vu

Apr. 30th, 2017 05:13 pm
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Alex, the guy from Mo's who is now in chastity, got permission from his Sir to breed me. Actually, the Sir was supposed to tie us up together somehow . Alex texted, but didn't respond when I asked what time. All dressed up with no place to go, I hopped online. I'm longer a paid member on the hookup sites, so I can't get full sized images. It's $5/mo, but I'm online so rarely it's not even worth that. It's not a huge issue, usually, because I'm attracted to a very very broad spectrum of men, and I'm willing to sleep with more outside of that. Today, though, I ended up tricking with a guy I'd fucked before, then been tag teamed by him and his roommate, and I was kind of done there. Didn't realize why the neighborhood looked so familiar until he opened the door. He had a hard time getting/staying hard, too, so I ended up topping him.

Keagan had yet another delay in getting back to DC, but they'd put him up in a hotel right near The Hole, so I him there. I meant to not drink at all, but of course that didn't last. We took a pic for his friend, he sent me video of a sea lion, took a video of me lip syncing to Heartbreak Dream, I got a couple phone numbers of people I vaguely remember. All work and no play, I guess.


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