Apr. 25th, 2017

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Woke up to another text from Julian that he was having heart surgery. They'd found a blockage in one valve, and if he died, he wanted me to know he loves me. It went fine, of course, and while it wasn't what he wanted for his birthday, he did get to fly in a helicopter.

Dave is massively stressing over his disability suit. The lawyers working the case now are terrible. He can get new ones, but that will mean another 6 months or so with zero income. We also talked about casting for upcoming shoots, which is harder to do than he initially realized.

One of the soloists from the SDGMC show hit me up on Grindr, so we'll hook up at some point. Tim asked if he could come over, but didn't actually show up for another 2 hours and then fell asleep on the couch almost immediately. Somewhat awkward, really. Just as I was gearing up to go to bed anyway, Kirby knocked on the door. I feel vaguely bad about not being more social, but I didn't invite any of these people over.


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