Apr. 14th, 2017

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Not quite as productive as Wednesday, but not as bad as the start of the week, either. I stayed after a little bit working up a few extra claims. I'll be behind on Monday, but at least I'm a little ahead for today. Jason decided to host an impromptu birthday party, Dolce, as well as another girl.

Tim asked to come by because he needed groceries, and Bryan asked to come with us. He also asked again if I would just write him a check for the rest of the extra 1k, to make it convenient for me. My savings allows for 5 withdrawals each month, and I use them up on various bills and my once a month transfer to pay my rent and credit card. It is not convenient for me to write a check for a thousand dollars. It would be convenient for Tim's pride, but not for my finances. I was already pretty beat, but I had a couple things I had to grab as well. I kind of wanted to hit TJ's, but was so beat after just Ralph's I didn't end up buying anything, just paid for Tim's stuff. And I don't really like having to parse out my credit card receipts for how much is loaned to Tim and how much I bought for myself.

Back home, I got cleaned up, showered, and tried to rally for the party. It wasn't until I was about to leave that I noticed the invite said it was a Nacho and Margarita party, and we should bring those things. I had bought vodka at the store, because of course I did. And it was getting later and later, and I hate being late. But I'd said I would bring treats for Dolce, and I really wanted to give them to her.

It was no biggie. Dolce was in timeout when I got there, but they let her out. She wearing a pretty pretty princess dress. It was great to catch up with Chris and Jason, and give belly rubs to Dolce, and meet the nice drunk girl who's birthday it was. I also met Jay's friend from London, and nearly fucked him, but thought that might be inappropriate, since he was a houseguest and I was just there for the party.

I helped clean up then finally headed home and crashed.


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