Apr. 4th, 2017

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The apartment was indeed empty when I woke up. I appreciate Jeff's consideration, but I'm pretty used to my house guests coming and going. I was much more rested, which is good because JJD was out. Didn't stay as on task as I should have, but I'm staying on top and ahead of things. Dave was also out, so my monthly meeting got postponed until Friday. Also works out well for me, given the extra work.The meetings are waaaaay more casual than when they started while I was on probation, but it's still an hour out of my workday that I could be doing anything else. The county *finally* cashed my check from my last parking ticket, which is good because I was starting to worry it hadn't been received.

Bryan was sleeping on the couch when I got back, Jeff still not back from wherever he goes. Lady Miss Friday was glad to have some alone time with me. Tim had asked to come over the night before, but didn't reply when I suggested tonight. I didn't really have any plans for the night, so I figured I'd update my journal, maybe have a trick over, finish my taxes, etc. But then Lister asked me to join for a BBQ at his place, and to bring a friend(s). Texted around, but only Leeper was available. And apparently they had some drama years ago when Leeper was still using. Fortunately, Leeper doesn't seem to remember it at all, and Lister says it's water under the bridge. Tim thought he'd replied affirmatively before, and was pretty upset that I had other plans. I asked if he could bring Pupple to the BBQ. Lister has his pitbull, Lady, and his roommate Jeremy has another, Penny, but they eventually said it was fine.

I stopped at the store to pick up wine and dessert, happened to park next to who reminded me of every junky I've ever known, and particularly of Colleen. She was using a coat hanger to try to unlock her beat up old van. She was still there when I finished shopping, with a small crowd of security guards just watching her, and after a half second of thinking I could ignore it, I offered to let her use my AAA to get the door unlocked. She was very grateful, mumbling a little about the seagrams in the back seat, and getting high before she even left.Thanked me again when they arrived.

The BBQ was just a few people - Lister, his roommate, Leeper and his roommate, and Cecile, though we'd later be joined by Dylan and his boyfriend(?). I gave both the dogs treats, and Penny tried to hump me repeatedly. If only it were so easy with men. Lister brought out the tri-tip, and the dogs suddenly, loudly started fighting, and it took a minute to break them up. No damage done, though they decided Penny should be inside. Tim and Pupple showed up right after, so Cecile and I went to greet them. Penny and Pupple sniffed...and immediately became a whirlwind of snarling and whimpering fur. We managed to get them separated, but Pupple was still crying. I've actually never seen him like that and it freaked the fuck out of me.

Penny got moved to her room, I sat outside with Tim and Pupple for about an hour. He wasn't injured, just freaked - his whole head and shoulders were wet with saliva. The treats I brought helped calm him down to at least the point we could bring him inside. Lady really really wanted to say hello to him, but Pupple didn't want to be put down, and I can't blame him. Tim and I took turns holding him, we stayed longer than I'd anticipated, walked him around the block. Tim asked if I'd ever tricked with Lister - of course, and he's a huge fan of my ass. I wasn't sure if he'd wanted me to ask or not, but it felt polite so I returned the question. No, they'd just met that once, but never got around to playing together. I regretted asking, as it still fires up the old smoke machine. Eventually, we finished our walk and I went home.

Bryan was on the couch when I got there, marveling over the $16 bottle of Jack he'd found and debating going to Flick's. He's 23, so these are important things, and he did eventually decided to go out. I finally crashed, though I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night - Bryan had passed out in the living room with Archer on, and it was loud enough to wake me. Turned the volume down, but left the TV on in case he was using it as a nightlight. And as a reminder that he'd left it on. Eventually managed to get back to sleep, though I briefly woke up again when Jeff got home.


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