Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Too tired at work to do more than get my work done. I did a few crunches on my break, but that was all I could manage. I've been taking my daily multi and B supplement, but forgetting my iron, so maybe it's that? No clue. Was really looking forward to resting when I got home, remembered at the last minute that I had Norman and Bug. But at least I could rest after that! Then I remembered I had orientation for the SDGMC bachelor auction right after that. But then! Then free!

Got home, got cleaned up, decided to have a quick shower, though Bug got there just as I was finishing. Thankfully, he rang the doorbell instead of just walking away after knocking. Norman showed up just a few minutes later. The session was just okay. Bug couldn't get hard, and accordingly couldn't cum. I didn't cum either, but did top Bug and suck Norman off. Norman's been through all this before, so he's pretty understanding, especially the first time.

Bug lingered while Norman (who's back muscles have now degenerated by 40%) got dressed, then cuddled next to me and invited me to brunch on Sunday. I thought we might fuck, but he eventually left. Weirdly, though he cuddled next to me, he didn't make any move to touch or kiss me, though he responded to my touching/kissing him. While he was chatting with a client/friend in Dallas, I checked my phone and booked another client for after the orientation. It's so hard being popular.

Fueled up, headed to the orientation. There are 14 guys being auctioned. There were 6 of us there. I guess when there are no repercussions.... I'm kind of surprised people bid at all, really. The bidders get dinner with us....and a group of other bachelors/bidders, then we go back to Flick's and it's over. What if I want to fuck my bidder? I'm even playing along and saying "if!" We got out early, so I had time to swing home and make sure I was still good for client 2.

He was staying at the Marquis Mariott, which is normally a pain to get to, but I found relatively close parking. We flip fucked, I came for him - buckets - even shot over his head. Then home and crashed.


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