Mar. 21st, 2017

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OMG I was so tired all day. That heavy limb kind of tired. And nauseated in the morning. Morning sickness? Probably not. Held that down, managed to work out twice in my office and stay on top of claims. Norman wants a 3rd for Thursday, and I'm scouting other models to hire for porn, and who did I happen to see but Sam Bridle. I'm a fan of his, but mostly want to be him, of course. I looked for him on the other apps/sites, but didn't find him so I finally sent him a welcome message via RM. He checked my profile but didn't respond.

I had a full dance card in the evening. Russell, a flyer for American, is staying at the Four Points by my old law school. He'd actually hit me up the night before online, but said his flight wasn't getting in until at least 9:30, which isn't going to work for me. Drove home, got cleaned up, drove right back down. Had a stellar time, really. Intimate, connected, piggy sex. Flipped for almost an hour, pretended to cum twice in him, since it was so important, then he came in me. He's scheduled to be back several times in the next month, and I'm gonna try to fuck him every time.

There was a sex party scheduled for 6pm, so my timing was still impeccable, but the host of the party hadn't sent out any details or even logged in himself by 6:10, so I gave up on that. Instead, I asked my 8pm, a nice older gent by the name of Nic, if we could move our time up. Earlier is better for him, so that worked perfectly. He's the Director of Education for the San Diego Opera. They had drama I vaguely recall a few years back, as the owner or whatever basically decided to close the company, but he saved it. They have another crisis coming, as they need 4 million before the end of the fiscal year, which is July. He's retiring in September, so not a big deal for him. Finally started making out, moved upstairs. I worried for a minute, because while he was very appreciative of my dick sucking, and seemed really into sucking me, he mostly avoided my butt. We hadn't discussed what we'd do, so I suddenly started worrying that he was Oral Only, and how awkward it would be when I left in the middle, but he finally pushed me down on his dick. He's thicker at the base, felt great. Said he wanted me to cum on his chest, but didn't push me. Also has had back problems, so can't really top in any position other than getting ridden.

He came, I hit the store since I'm pretty much out of food at home. Opted for "steak" strips from Morningstar instead of more "meatballs" from TJ's, just to change things up a little. They're not very good, but presumably very good for me. Ate those, jerked off and finally crashed.


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