Feb. 25th, 2017

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Woke up early, of course. We were going to help Dave with some storage stuff, but his arthritis was too bad. Instead, we had Peter over for a 3 way. Stitch has a scab on his butt from an overeager Dom he'd played with, and several skin tags from getting fucked without lube. Peter was worried it was an STD, but still fucked him. I took the boys to Mo's after, bought them a drink but declined to have one myself. Billy asked for a ride to the airport at 4 - he's going to Sydney for Mardi Gras and it's apparently cheaper to pack booze than buy it there. His bags and boxes and such barely fit in my car, but they did fit. Kirby and Stitch were chatting when I got back, so I poured myself a drink and helped Kirby try on a cock ring. People were kind of frustratingly flakey with getting together. They'd all said "later earlier in the day, and were now suddenly quiet. Grrr. Somewhat surprisingly, Hugo continued to message me. It's very sweet and kind of throwing me for a loop, since I anticipated him to drop off the face of the Earth after he left. I imagine that we might share the desire to be more distant than we actually are.

I made dinner for the boys - Stitch asked for spaghetti and meatballs, Kirby is fascinated by them. We were maybe a little too drunk for it being so early, so we decided to nap before going to The Eagle, and unlike last night I was successful. Actually, we slept a little longer than we'd intended, but still made it there early.

At the last minute, I decided to wear my Gladiator suit instead of a regular jock. Clothes check is free there, which is awesome. Almost immediately ran into Nick, as well as the older Euro gent who is a fan of mine. I made out with absolutely everyone, and when I went back to check my clothes, DJ stopped me to tell me what a big fan he was and then had me suck his dick. At the insistence of Mykel and fellow GMC dancer BJ, I participated in the underwear contest. 8 guys and I ended up winning, which was $100. Go me! Waiting in line to get my prize, a tall man named Matt asked if he could buy me a drink. I just won $100, I can buy you a drink, thankyouvery much. But it was sweet of him to offer. He's visiting from NY, and heading home tomorrow. Also, he's got a boyfriend, which is good because he's the kind of person that people fall in love with left and right. He and Nick both came home with us, I made drinks for everyone and we took turns playing music. Stitch napped on the couch, Nick and Matt tag teamed me. It was a really successful night.


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