Feb. 12th, 2017

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Woke up waaaaaay too early with Markus and Al and got on the road. I surprisingly managed to sleep a little in the car, got cleaned up at home and ready for my shoot. Hugo declined to join, so I just got on the road. Except when I walked out to drive there, I couldn't find my car. Took me a minute to realize I'd left it at Jason's place on Friday. Briefly considered asking around for a ride, but finally just Lyfted over there. My driver was nice, but a little ditzy. She kept getting lost on the way. I think I did a pretty good job keeping my filter up, though. The shoot was at the house of a much older gay couple near Mesa - I seem to be there a lot these days. Clarence, the photographer, looks a bit like Michael Chiklis. The shoot started slow, and Clarence just gives okay direction, but better than nothing. If I'm going to get back into modeling, I really need to start checking out poses and build a mental list of them that I can change slightly each shoot. Eventually my clothes came off, Clarence was pretty good about giving me time to fluff between shoots. Richard, one of the gents, took photos with a few different cameras. He apparently has Parkinson's, and gets very frustrated when his hands don't work. That makes sense.

Clarence shot me in a few angles and a few outfits on a red background that worked surprisingly well, then got me into the hot tub. Richard ended up sucking my dick and trying to get me to cum, Clarence took off his pants but didn't join. Jerking off felt great, actually, so I had no problem putting on a show for as long as they wanted. I totally forgot this was a paid shoot, but I certainly wasn't going to turn down the $100 at the end. If/when I work with Clarence again, we'll do TFP, but the older gents can more than afford it. Finished up there, messaged Hugo, who was sort of mixed in his response. I picked him up - he's got some sort of nasty sore on his lip, and had a painful rash on one hand the week before. He was concerned about STDs - the lip sore doesn't look like herpes, though I can't quite tell if that's just healing up or not, and the hand rash is definitely not a symptom of syph. That's on both hands and not painful. I've had it.

We finally did meet up with Billy to go to Babycakes, but then Billy changed that to #1, then to Mo's. Hugo wanted to stop for a juice smoothie on the way there, but that was taking about an hour. I have no clue how that place even stays in business like that. Billy left for Mo's, I was going to stay but Hugo sent me on. The drink prices at Mo's were weird. Sometimes $4, sometimes $8. Billy's prices were just as strange, with some beers costing way more than others. We moseyed over to Flick's after, where I saw Chip, and danced with Nick, and was generally delightful. I came close to singing for Karaoke, but I'm gonna need to be sober for that. Billy tapped out, and then Hugo walked home, so I called it an early night.


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