Feb. 7th, 2017

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Din was out today, and eservice took me nearly an extra hour to do. I even remembered my vitamins, but I was still sluggish. GRRR. Dave sent me an email we got from some gent in the UK, saying he's been waiting his whole life for porn like ours. Not to be too bohemian about it, but that does kind of make it all worth it, and put a bit of a fire under me. Unfortunately, writing porn is surprisingly hard. And writing superhero porn is harder. And writing superhero porn to have to take place in mundane locations with zero special effects is harder. Also, we're not getting the kind of response I'd like from other performers who want to do this kind of porn. But I got Superman cranked out, and researched some additional clever perks for the fundraiser. I'm glad Dave clarified that his usual MO is to shoot everything down but come around to it later, because he shot down everything I suggested in terms of perks.

I was supposed to get together with a visitor from out of town, but he pushed it back from 6 to 8ish, then to 9 and wanted to host in Mission Beach. I was way too tired for that, so we rescheduled for tomorrow, him coming here. Instead, I got into my toy chest. Poor finish, but great time until then.


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