Jan. 30th, 2017

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2am again. Bummer. Laid there trying to get back to sleep for a while, then CJ hit me up for his sleep fantasy again. Alright. He even DP'd me with a small toy. I jerked off after he left which was more effort than it was worth, finally managed to doze for a bit a little after 5am. Thought really hard about calling in, but was rewarded with a super close parking spot! Yay! Like most days where I wake up crazy early, it was tough to focus, and I tried to work out in my office, but managed all of 5 pushups and a few crunches. Apparently everyone else was having a hard time focusing, too, because I had to send reminder emails for several claims.

One of the boys from Saturday's group messaged me - actually, had messaged me at 5am, but I didn't see it until I got home. He'd also been messaging with the host, which caused me to fight down untoward thoughts. Opened a new bottle of poppers for him, he seemed surprised that I didn't cum, but not especially upset. Actually, I'm not completely sure he came. I watched a little Happy Endings, and messaged briefly with Hugo. He'd just gotten HIV tested at The Center, but was already home. Started getting ready for bed around 8, crashed around 9.


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