Jan. 24th, 2017

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Should probably have gone to bed a bit earlier than I did, because I still had a hard time getting up. Christina, a former houseguest of mine, has been asking me to be the payee for her SS benefits for a while. The problems are 1) it's a lot of work that has no advantage whatsoever for me, and 2) I have to interview with the people at SS, it's on a first come first serve basis, and they don't make appointments. I've been telling her for weeks that I can meet her there at noon on my lunch break. A few weeks ago, we both forgot. Today, she said she'd get there early and get in line so we could get it done asap. I got there at noon exactly - the place is a 5 min walk from my work - but no sign of her. Took a number, figuring she'd show up eventually, and then had an interview, but without more information on her, there was no way I could do it alone. Let her know I was going back to work, and got a text about 15 min later that she was there. Okay?

Picked up my wallet from the taco shop on the way home, then journaled briefly until Tim asked to come over. Keagan sent me a message about some party in DC that's using my uncredited photo for the promotional materials. Naturally, I'm ecstatic. They like me! They really like me! Also fielded a call about sexual health from a friend who is interested in PrEP, and a surprise call from Sosa, who just wanted to touch base. Pupple slept on my lap, which I think caused Tim to linger longer. Actually, Pupple didn't seem to want to leave, which seems unusual.

Stayed up chatting and journaling just a bit more. Christina managed to talk to the reps at SS and be in charge of her own money, which is awesome for both of us. I discussed the value of online discussions with a friend who has frequently told Trump supporters to get off his page, as well as the related fatigue in doing so. One of the girls who blocked me over the best way to deal with Nazis actually apologized, which is as wonderful as it is surprising.


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