Jan. 21st, 2017

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Slept well, got up early, edged a little, then got cleaned up. Edged a little too long, really, so ran behind on getting cleaned up. Almost opted just for a quick clean instead of a deep clean, but given the size of my costars, I figured it would be better to be late and make sure than on time and iffy. After all was said and done, I was less than 5 min late, and got there before the other performers, actually. We all introduced ourselves, talked about what we're into/not into. Demetrius and Red were the tops, a stocky, muscled gent named Daxton was the other bottom. I don't think the other guys understood the assignment, since all of them gave some variation on "I like whatever's fun." Weirdly, Rob apparently didn't know I was into felching. I'm not sure how, though, since I literally ask to do it every shoot.

The shoot started with me chained to the wall watching Red fuck Daxton. I've never really been into cuckolding, but whatever. Daxton was straight up *huffing* poppers, and kept stopping Red from fucking him. To be perfectly honest, I was a little worried about taking Red myself, given Daxton's trouble. They finally took me down from the wall, Red fucked me and actually felt great. Not too long, very thick. He fucked me for a while, I had Daxton ride my face, then Demetrius came in. Red is huge, Demetrius is *massive.* Almost as thick, but at least 10 inches long. He was much harder and fucked much harder, but I'm a trooper so I took it. Right up until I started bleeding, anyway. Had to stop the shoot, apply cold water, he washed off. I felt terrible.

We started the shoot again, and I asked him to not be so rough...and had to keep reminding him that. Rob asked me to cum, despite it not having been very long. Um...okay....I shot my load, jumped out of the scene, and both tops moved over to Daxton. It was kind of awkward standing there waiting for the rest of a several hour shoot. Or at least, it would have been, but Daxton started bleeding much more heavily than I did as soon as the moved on from oral to fucking. In a bit of a panic, Rob asked if I could still get fucked. Of course I can. Red started fucking me while Daxton and Demetrius were still getting cleaned up - the cameras weren't even on when we started. When Demetrius came back, the two of them tag teamed me for roughly an eternity. I was in a literal puddle of sweat by the time Demetrius finally came. I felt really bad for Daxton, because he couldn't really bottom and couldn't get hard to top. It was still vindicating that they tried to cast me as a minor role and I ended up starring. Rob said he might need me again tomorrow if he couldn't find a different bottom. Okay. I mean, I literally just saved your very expensive shoot, but sure, I'll still be just backup.

Dave came over to discuss the business, fundraising and the like. He's a lot more optimistic than I am, but I'm certainly willing to try it. I also want to film more amateur porn to put on Pornhub, just for funsies. Matt messaged me, asking if I had plans for the night. No, not really - what've you got? Oh, nothing, just wanted to join me if I had plans. Of course. I'd messaged Hugo, asking about where in HI he was going, and he finally got back to me a few hours later. Waikiki, and he was going to Evolution, if I'd care to join. I offered to pick him up, but I guess he was already in Hillcrest, so I picked him up at The Rail. And he'd already been to Evolution, so I'm not sure what he was inviting me to? We ended up walking around Balboa Park for a couple hours, looking at puppy dogs and people. It was his friend's birthday and he agreed to go out with her, so I needed to get him back to his place by 8:30. We had enough time to fuck, but he was wishy-washy about where. My place..no, his place, no my place...no, in my car in Balboa Park. Parked the car, started taking my pants off, but he freaked out about the possibility of getting caught. Probably for the best.

We stopped for dinner at Jimbo's, which didn't really have anything appetizing, and everything was overpriced. I finally settled on some spicy noodles. They were small, but cheap. Dropped him off at home, finally got a minute to rest at home. Andrew, a strange boy who lives in GA but wants to move to SD, had been asking me for photos or a Skype session because...reasons? I don't know. And he keeps insisting that we're going to be husbands or lovers. FHA came over, which gave me an excuse to sign off with Andrew. He just got a tattoo which is kind of brilliant. An animator's cell, with the center blank so he can customize it himself. Hugo met another gay boy at the club and wanted to take him dancing with us. Fine by me! FHA opted out of the evening, which is only odd because he opted in so he could meet Hugo.

Picked up Hugo outside the club - I guess his friend was too drunk to join us - and then headed to Flick's. We had a surprisingly fun time there, and I even ran into a friend from high school. We were never close, so I'm weirded out that he remembers (and recognizes) me nearly 20 years later. A couple guys wanted to pick me up, but I introduced them all to Hugo, who has had disastrous results from 3 ways in the past. We stayed until closing, him lamenting how early clubs close here. We could've actually gone to Club San Diego if he still wanted to hear music, but I don't think that would've been a good idea. I also offered to have our own dance party at my place, but he opted for bed, though not sleep. Fucking me, he encouraged me to take poppers, though he declined them. If I must. It took me forever to cum, and much as I'm loving being a shooter, it's getting a bit awkward at this point. I don't really want to have to wash my sheets and pillowcases everyday, but I'm not sure where else I should be aiming. Finally curled up next to each other and passed out.


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