Jan. 11th, 2017

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Chugging along at work, I completely forgot that I'd agreed to watch the front desk again. Got a quick refresher on them from Will, and this second time went much better than the first. I was more confident, but it was also much slower, so I was extremely productive. Trevor called me while I was there, in a bit of a bind financially, asking some standard questions about escorting. He's gonna work with me and Norman on Monday, so we'll see how it goes. There was a claim that came in over the weekend which I thought I'd majorly fucked up on, but it turns out 1) the Superior Court fucked up instead, and 2) it wasn't a big deal to fix since I'd gotten to it before the claim transmitted.

I stopped for fuel on the way home, and who should I see pumping up in front of me, but Ghost Evan. He's moved in with his boyfriend, and now lives in the area. We both mentioned it had been a while, but neither of us mentioned that he stopped replying to texts. Look how diplomatic I am! Hugo asked when we'd see each other again, so of course I suggested tonight. I was really tired when I got home, and fortunately a friend of mine posted an awful critique of Obama, and then one of her friends jumped in to condescendingly defend it. Two things about this: 1) I believe there are real, valid critiques of his administration - for example our extensive drone program, refusing to close Guantanamo, and the expansion of the executive powers. I also think it weakens those arguments when you post shit like that he forced people to forgo their religious beliefs because their taxes paid for contraception. And 2) do not condescend to me; I'm better at it than you.

Freshly revved up from laying the smack down, I made the bed, got cleaned up, and headed downtown. I was just a little late getting Hugo, but not as late as he was. He came inside, I came buckets, we laid around making out, chatting, and fucking the rest of the night. He's a little disturbed that I'm an atheist and don't believe in reincarnation or an afterlife. He's really into astrology, but needs to know the exact time I was born to know for sure if I'm Virgo with Pisces rising or Aries rising. Makes no nevermind to me, but I do love how into it he is. He fucked me again, came again, though I declined this time. He almost bottomed for me, but was really just teasing. That boy does love the tease. As much as I like his butt, I'm not really eager to open him up to that, so to speak, since there are much better tops than me out there. That is both a selfish and selfless statement. He briefly fucked me one last time - I say he's a sex machine, he says it's my fault, and that I'm a cum machine. So romantical.

Tim had been texting and calling all night. I finally messaged him back that we were done just a few minutes after he started on his way home, and didn't hear back from him. Hugo couldn't spend the night, since we'd both slept poorly the night before, so I dropped him off without any specific plans to see him again before he leaves for Hawaii next week.


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