Jan. 9th, 2017

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Woke up to the alarm, quite possibly still drunk from the night before. It was raining on the way in, but I grabbed my umbrella. It's flimsy, but effective. Hungover and *randy as fuck* all day, but I still managed to get a bunch done. Unfortunately, did not get a workout in my office in. A few boys messaged me online, including a 23 y/o from the Fench part of Switzerland. His name is Hugo, and he's visiting learning English. We fucked for a few hours - unfortunately with a condom - and when I came for him, it was one of the biggest loads of my life. Hit the wall behind my head, all over me, the pillows next to me, etc. He was impressed. Then went to the Info Night for the chorus. We were almost 2 hrs late, so they were already cleaning up. But I did run into some folks and catch up with Bryce. Mostly there to be seen, I suppose.

Hugo wanted to go for dinner, so we walked over to Plumeria, then back home holding hands the whole time. And then fooled around more, though I couldn't bottom again. My second shot was impressive, just not as impressive as my first. He wanted to see my porn, so I brought up the Guybone vid. I did good work in it, even if my whole body was puffy for it.

I thought he might spend the night, particularly since he lives just up the street from my work, but I ultimately gave him a ride home and we're going to see each other tomorrow. Dragged myself to the store, because Lady Miss Friday ran out of food, finally crawled into bed at nearly midnight.


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