Apr. 6th, 2016 03:32 pm
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I showered in the morning, to get the sweat off of me, and to get a good start to my day. Worked for the former, not the latter. I've been working really hard on getting to bed early so I don't need to drink so much coffee at work. However, the biggest downfall for my erections is exhaustion. If I'm tired, it's probably just not going to work, so I had a second cup at 2pm.

My friend Ryan messaged me in the early afternoon, wanting to hang out, or at least get ready for a leather event at my place. Ryan lives in north county, so it's fairly understandable that he'd need a place. He also has a lot of mental issues - anxiety, depression, etc. He has an adorable service dog named Sterling. Apparently he comes from money - Balenciaga, Coach, mum bought him a new car, etc. And he's used to getting his way.

The first hiccup was him being in my shower when I got home, because I needed that. Okay, the first hiccup was the first 5 Batmans who had to drop out for one reason or another. Anyway, I got cleaned up just fine, but then I started having stomach trouble. Like, delayed us an hour, continued late into the night and today kind of stomach trouble.

Ryan, on hearing that we were doing a porn shoot, offered to be crew, be on camera for free, do marketing, do anything. Sure. Lucky is friendly with other dogs, and Spencer is a service dog, so presumably well socialized. Both Ryan and my co-star were maybe a little too eager, often following us around and interrupting us to offer suggestions, or even just hear themselves talk (and talk and talk).

Ryan met Julian while we were together, did meth with him that one night, and apparently they're friends now. So I got a text from Julian on the way to the shoot, (the first since all his angry messages telling me he'd make my life hell and I should kill myself) which I declined to respond to, or delve into exactly how good of friends my self-proclaimed power bottom friend and horsehung ex are. I had more than enough to deal with.

Dan, owner of the only studio that consistently hires me, is supportive of my venture, and gave me a dose of TriMix for my costar. Lloyd is a sport for doing the shoot, but goddamn. TriMix and a half a Viagra and he could barely get hard. Then he was too close to cumming, then he almost couldn't cum at all.

It's tough to direct while you're performing, and tied up at that. I knew going into it that the set and costumes were cheap AF, so I was really counting on our performances to make it. Looking back, I'm now wondering if Lloyd has ever seen Adam West's Batman, because he started out deep, gruff, and angry, like animated series Batman, and ended up deep, gruff, and overly salacious, like Kim Cattral. (I kid!) Lloyd also apparently doesn't know anything about porn positioning and Dave wasn't forceful enough to position us for shots, because I was directing. But being in the scene, I can't see what's working for the camera, and being the tied up bottom, I'm not really in a position, so to speak, to maneuver us.

The rope used was too long, and he never really came to a conclusion about what to do with it - he was initially going to cut me out of it, but then had gone on fucking me so long that his "knots" started coming undone of their own accord, so sort of fumbled with them for a while. So we didn't get as long a shoot as Dave wanted - apparently only about 20 min, vs the 30 that a scene should be, there's none of me riding him, etc. In a nod to one of my fans, I had him rim me until I came, which might have garnered a few extra minutes.

Early on in the shoot, Sterling attacked Lucky because Sterling was playing with Lucky's toys and didn't want him getting close (TO HIS OWN TOYS), which was awful, and Ryan opted to take an Uber back to my place, but then said he left there just before I got home.

Dave is excited about the shoot, and going to have a rough edit available for me in less than a week. I'm not so confident. A while back, there was a Spiderman sex vid that involved two dudes(?) in zentai suits. I'm not even sure they actually fuck or cum, or if they just rub each other a bunch. I wasn't really around for it, and don't really go in for trainwrecks. It was comedy for all the wrong reasons, and I'm terrified of this being the new that.

On the plus side, I'm very pleased with my performance. My dick stayed relatively hard for the whole shoot, I came a lot, though not the distance I was hoping for, and despite having the most trouble I've ever had getting ready for a shoot, my stomach cooperated just long enough for us to finish and me to get home.


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