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3:30. With a melatonin. Fucking hell. But it could have been worse. Laid in bed a while trying to get back to sleep, but no dice. Finally played a little on my phone, responded to Grindr messages around 5. Hugo messaged me there, telling me to get some sleep, and messaged a heart on WhatsApp. Because I fucked other guys, I'll get over this sooner than later. Because I fucked other guys while waiting for him, maybe I'm in the wrong here. But at this point I'd rather be wrong than wronged, even as I'm aware that's a terrible philosophy. If that terrible philosophy wakes me up at 4 instead of keeping me up all night, and possibly going back to some other bad habits, I'll 100% take it.

I got an email back from gent in Vegas to possibly schedule a series of shoots in May. I'm likely the first to respond, but this is the second time he's emailed me about this, and I didn't make the cut last time.

I had a lot of trouble focusing at work, which seems understandable, but I managed to get all the essentials done. Norman cancelled our session, which works great for me because I needed to do laundry really badly. Stitch and I might get the sheets dirty, but they shouldn't start that way. Edged while I waited for my laundry to finish but kept myself from cumming. I laid down for a bit since I had time before Stitch got there, and surprisingly Lady Miss Friday crawled under the covers with me. I didn't manage to sleep, unfortunately, but it was good to rest anyway.

Stitch was wearing high heel boots, which made him easy to spot. Dropped his stuff off at home, and had a drink. He's delightfully witty. Kirby was at PECS, so I took him there. Ran into Mitch and Bug and another friend of theirs. I might have him set up a gangbang for me before he leaves. His friend wanted to pound a load into me, but ended up passing out instead. Ah well. Stitch and I stayed up listening to music, but then we passed out before fucking.

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