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Woke up at 4, still managed to work out in the office and stay focused enough that I was able to clean my desk up a bit. As an added bonus, there were no landmines waiting in the various stacks of paper. No NOAs I'd forgotten, no client info sheets with pertinent info. Just old undeliverable mail and lots and lots of neck hair. Gross, I know. I went to the County Recorder's office on my lunch break to set up SWoRN's DBA and like all Government offices, they have an arcane numbering system. A few from the 500s would get called, then 11 from the 600s, then back to the 500s. I was there a bit long, but I'm up on my work, almost always in the office early. I had my monthly meeting, which had just been scheduled two days before. Always a little nerve-wracking. But it turns out everything is going great. They love my contributions to the group meetings, love that I take the floor when there's silence but encourage others to talk as well. And they really feel like I've hit my stride at ADI. Go me!

Session with Norman was at 5. I thought about trying to get another boy, maybe even Jay, but I'm tired of chasing people to get them money. Tired in general really. Session with Norman was fine, I came for him, got him off, laid down with Lady Miss Friday for a bit. Tim asked to come over, but I really just didn't have it in me to chat with him or kick him out later. I heard someone come in and figured Tim had come over anyway, but it turned out to just be Kirby. We chatted briefly - he can't keep track of all my men. Then he left to meet Andrew and I crashed early.
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