Sep. 12th, 2017

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Kevin invited me to a last minute orgy, or maybe invited me, last minute, to an orgy. I like fucking Kevin, so I said sure. A couple people hit me up to fuck before, but I needed the time to get ready. I ended up leaving at 8 instead of arriving at 8. The "orgy" never got beyond a 5 way, I think, despite people sitting in the sling on their phones like they were high. And it was a sling and an inflatable mattress in the garage. I had a good connection with Kevin's roommate, an attractive ginger named Dane. Good enough to pretend to give him my load before I left. A black gentleman had a good enough connection with me to give me his load. Kevin apparently wanted to organize a sex party, but really have it be a gangbang, and I pointed that out to him before I left.

Gary, the host, walked upstairs as I was leaving to check on his dog, so naturally I went with him. He's a rescue, but they think he's a Shiba/Chihuahua mix. He literally paid me no attention at all when we walked in, because he was expecting a cookie. Once he got it, suddenly I was in the room, and I sat on the ground with him for a few minutes before heading home.

Had a hard time cumming when I finally jerked off at home. And as much fun as this should have been - both the orgy and the time with the dog - I didn't feel any better.


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