Sep. 10th, 2017

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Woke up at 3am, worried it was a work day, and only a little happier to find that it wasn't. Managed to doze a bit until 10am. I'd been possibly supposed to hook up with Buzz, but he was having work done on his house. I'm grateful, since I'm not quite in a place to fuck yet. Meant to get out to the Number's event but couldn't. I had an odd headache and stomachache in the morning, and it almost kept me from going out at all. Keagan declined going to The Hole, heading to the beach with Chris instead. Chris has been ill, so they haven't spent much time together since Keagan got back anyway.

The Hole was more sparsely populated than I would have thought, and I didn't trust myself to drink anything to begin with, so I just grabbed a glass of water. I chatted with a couple groups of people, but ended up in back with Matt, Paul, and his friend Kyle. Kyle did a movie with Titan a while back - huge dick. I did finally get a drink in me. A gent hit on me and I had to explain to them that while I was happy to trade numbers, I don't normally hook up from a bar. I also saw Brad, who has been more than a little standoffish in communications but decided to make out with me in person.

Matt was *way* too drunk to drive, so I got us all to Mo's, and only heard the Kill Bill Siren a little when he took that opportunity to suck Kyle's dick in the back of my car. I had another drink at Mo's, gave my ticket for Glamazon to Jess, and couldn't remember where I parked my car after.


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