Mar. 1st, 2017

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Stitch wasn't there when I woke up, though his stuff was, so I'm imagining he spent the night with Alex. You didn't like my cat vomit alarm? Jerked off, headed into work. Been great about sleeping and taking vitamins, just was still tired AF the whole day. Worked out a little in my office, so that's good. Kind of missed edging, but didn't really have the time anyway. An issue with transcripts ended up having an attorney rescind his acceptance, and possibly getting one of the admins in trouble, or else just clarifying some job duties.

I thought about tricking after, but given how much pink lube I had to clean up the other night, I thought I should give myself a break. Ended up jerking off twice more before the end of the night, stellar shots each time. Whatever this is, I want to keep it. The first time I was so hard my dick was bigger. Dimitri came over around 7:30 to fulfill his community service requirement and help with SWoRN's accounting. Given that SWoRN has $2500 in the bank and no concrete or even theoretical plan for making more, I figured I'd be helping him more than he'd actually have to do any work. But it turns out he has great ideas, is kind of great at helping people come up with a plan, and is really actively looking to be involved. I'm cautiously fired up.

He's been having some issues of his own - apparently his new roommate tried to give him 30 days notice so his deadbeat boyfriend could have his own room, and when an attorney friend (not me, though I would have) informed him that he's actually a co-tenant, suddenly roommate wants to "work something out." No, that's not how that works. You don't pull a dickhead move when you think you've got the cards, then try diplomacy when you realize you hold none of them. I mean, that's exactly what a lot of people do, but has it ever worked for anyone ever? Plus his usual issues from a couple DUIs in other states and mental health things. Kirby came home towards the end, they went out to puppy night, I opted to crash. One of them came back fairly soon, though I'm not sure which.


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