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Monday - Kind of busy day at work - stayed after an extra hour. I could definitely have stayed longer, but Sean's days off are Monday and Tuesday.....Ken had slept in, so had also thought about staying late. I asked him to keep me posted, but he thought I meant "let me know if you're going to, otherwise I'll just assume you'll be home at the same time." I was still ready. No sex. He ended up running some errands with Justin, and then spending the evening there watching movies. I stayed home - started with some TVP and veggies, than had another couple bowls thereof. My caloric total for the day was probably around 500, but I felt gross and tired, so I went to sleep around 9. Ken came home around 10-ish, and I could probably have had sex with minimal urging, but I was perfectly okay just going to sleep.

Tuesday - Crazy busy! I went into work super early, and rocked things out all day long. It was kind of awesome. Not so awesome was that they got us pizza, and even a cheeseless one....that I ate all of. I also got home a bit late, wihch meant Ken beat me there. I didn't figure we'd have sex, since we had game, but I like to be ready all the time, just in case. He gave my head a buzz, and I took a much needed shower, and then we headed off. We actually got there before everyone else, but no one was super late. Wyatt chatted a little about this and that, but didn't take very long to get to his test results from last week. He's doing pretty well, considering. Lots of drinking and that sort of thing. The boys decided to go out for Amarin after that, where Wyatt also revealed that we would be buying him dinner. On the one hand, I certainly don't mind. On the other, that's a bit shady. He mentioned quietly to me while we were there that he had thought about "coming out" by saying that a voting majority of the table could no longer share needles or similar. I think he may have told the boys about me and Ken following the drama with New York guy, but I don't know that for certain. I have nothing against them knowing - it's not a secret. I know Ken would rather as few people as possible know, though. He was strangely quiet all evening long, but whatev. I wonder if it didn't have anything to do with Wyatt's unmitigated fury towards the guy that infected him. Probably not, though.
Back at Jason's, we just hung out and worked on our Destiny items. Talked with Wyatt, but it was all inane stuff, and I got the feeling there was more he wanted to say. We're going to get together, probably today or tomorrow, and drink and chat.
We tapped out at our normal time, Ken pled sleepy, and we went to bed. I'd had a lot of caffeine that day, between the coffee and diet soda, so I didn't sleep well. Kept think about crazy midgets (story from earlier in the night). Ken pulled me closer at one point, and kissed me several times. Here's the worrisome part - this was not comforting. That thing I lost between me and Anthony, when he was trashing me left and right, being angry and bitter. I think I may have lost it with Ken. It's both the thing that lets me snuggle close without worrying that the person is going to turn into a monster, and the thing that lets me top them. Anyway, got up at 5:30, went into work.


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