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I got enough sleep, but was still lagging all day. And in addition to shutting down the occasional hater on the previous thread, I waded into the United drama. People who are siding with United - mostly flight attendants and others who depend on airline good graces, but also a few with customer service jobs who "know the type" of this Dr. - kept citing "the rules" and saying he had to read the fine print. Except, of course, that the rules don't really favor the airline here. The COC, lays out very specific circumstances that a passenger can be removed from a plane. The plane being over capacity is not one of them, though that is grounds for refusal to board. The response to that becomes that you haven't boarded the plane when you hand over your boarding pass and board, you board the plane when they close the door. Possible, but as the drafters of the contract, any ambiguities are likely to be ruled against United. One guy in particular got desperate, appealing to his own nebulous authority but declining to state where that came from. I'll grant I'm not an expert on aviation law...but aviation law experts happen to agree with my analysis.

Kenneth called me in the middle of the day because he was down. He'd drank too much the day before, was depressed and needed to talk. Unfortunately, I couldn't answer the phone when he called, so he decided to sleep instead. Sounds healthy to me.

I paid Tim's boat insurance via credit card, but his business loan from Accion can only be paid with cashier's check or money order, because we're living in the 1800s. I asked him to bring my checkbook, since he couldn't wait for after work, and he drove down...without my checkbook. I finally had him do it himself rather than him waste gas driving back and forth. But then he couldn't take the check to his bank, because he's overdrawn there, so had to go to a check cashing place. Which meant he had to come back to borrow an extra $10.

Using my phone, I looked up an old porn star. I first became aware of him years ago, when Jose sent me a clip of a twink getting jerked off. I saw him again in January on a Tumblr I follow, the poster wishing he knew what happened to him. Unfortunately, while I was able to find a video of him, I hadn't been able to get any name. He reminds me of Julian in build, skin tone, and the face he makes when he cums. Since I've been struggling with missing basically everyone, I decided to do some sleuthing and try to find more about him. A LOT of sleuthing later, and I found him largely present on CollegeBoyPhysicals as Shaun, and from there found that he did a little more porn as Shawn Lane. Pretty proud of myself really.

I was supposed to play with Don, the European fan of mine who I've been trying to fuck for a long time, but then I realized I had rehearsal. Bryan wasn't home when I got there, which was honestly kind of nice. Dave messaged me, because he's really missing Gage, and also lamenting he doesn't have a cat or mouse to snuggle with. Lucky apparently isn't very snuggly when there are not guests over. You're probably aware that neither Lady Miss Friday nor Hover are very cuddly either. I can count on half of one hand the number of times Lady Miss Friday has touched me while we laid down, much less snuggled. And I was currently feeling extremely lucky that she was laying less than a foot from me. Maybe I'll get Dave a Bedtime Bear when my finances are in better shape.

Rehearsal itself went great. It got moved to EoS, which is fine by me. We rehearsed Hamilton, this time with singers. Now that there are new people watching, I'm performing even harder. People were standing outside talking to Keith, and I mentioned how much I love one of the segments...Keith didn't hear me, which is excellent because apparently the segment I love is lifted directly from the show.

Newsies was next. Joe decided to go with volunteers for the second half, which largely resulted in the dancers he was going to cast anyway. Since most of us don't tumble, he has me and Ben doing pique turns across the floor, right after some other boys do barrel turns. The barrel boys turn better the other way, but Ben apparently *can't* do pique turns on the left. It's not his side. He hurt his toe a few years back. His shoe isn't right. I get it, I've been there. Which sort of makes it all the more frustrating to watch.

Tim called towards the end of rehearsal from a different phone number. He dropped his phone and now the screen is fucked. On the one hand, he can't seem to catch a break. His screen obviously can, but he can't. On the other hand, there's a reason I buy phones <$100 and have a phone service that costs <$35. When I can be trusted with nice things, I'll spring for nice things.

House was still empty when I got back, and my journal still hadn't transferred. I downloaded a couple of Mr. Lane's scenes and got back into my toy chest for the first time in...a long time. I should really have put my poppers down before I finished, though, because I started shaking so bad that I spilled them everywhere. Worth it.
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Woke up crazy early and wasn't able to get back to sleep. And on my way out of the house, I saw a dead mouse. Head missing, abdomen torn open. Fuck.

Despite having a ton of work, I couldn't stay focused on anything, so I barely got my work done, but didn't get ahead. Instead, I argued all day on a PinkNews story about Chechnya opening concentration camps for gay men. I suppose it's a mark of progress that no one was there defending the camps themselves, so all that's left to fight with are trolls who want to use this as an excuse to ban refugees or hate all Muslims. Chechnya is overwhelmingly Muslim. But that, of course, means the victims are also Muslim, and at least one person refused to accept the existence of LGBT Muslims. I don't understand anyone having a religion, but I don't need to. One of the other commenters tried to say I defend Muslims but attack Christianity. My commenting history is public and that's bullshit. In going back through my comments to make sure, though, I came to the conclusion that I am sassy as FUCK.

Bryan was home when I got back, watching Vampire Diaries. All night long. He did later ask if a friend could come over, and they got into some sort of argument, with the friend slamming the door as he left. LJ, which has been owned by a Russian company for a while, finally moved the servers over there, and has apparently instituted new TOS policing speech. So I started the process of moving my blog over to Dreamwidth, which uses the same code as LJ, but is open source. I even bought a year's support

Peter texted, and a couple other people, but I was so exhausted, I just jerked off rather unsatisfactorily and crashed.


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