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Reading up on Skunkly things, I can't help but wonder how it is that skunks survive in the wild, and I am reminded of the Screamipillar. if you'd care to read about it.
On a related note, we seem to have a family of skunks living around our house. I can't begin to tell you of the joy this brings me, to see them running around, or eating, or rasslin'. I was super happy last night, standing with Anthony with the lights out, watching the skunks run around in our neighbors yard. My joy is not my neighbors joy, however, nor is it Aimee's, and I fear that someday soon, someone will call an exterminator, and I'll have to burn that someones house down. This makes it especially awkward if it's Aimee that calls. Only kidding about that, of course, and I also recognize that the skunks will probably not thrive in this environment, anyway. One of them died beneath a neighbors house a few weeks back, of unknown causes, and I saw one dead on the side of the road a few days later.
I have issues with roadkill, but residential road kill really angers me. I can understand going fast on a freeway, it's dark, etc. etc., but on residential streets, there's no excuse. I also understand that being run over is probably one of the kinder ways for animals to die in the wild, but I digress.
The gist of all this is this: I recognize that this situation is good for no one but me, and if anybody has any ideas as to a happy ending for the skunks, I'd appreciate a shoutout.



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