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Went to Brunch with Leeper, co-worker John, and a few other boys. Passed some young homeless folks on the way there with a puppy, but they didn't ask for anything, so I didn't give them anything. Several mimosas later, we decided to head to Betty's. This time I stopped on the way, gave them $5 to take care of her. Her name is Dakota, and she's amazing. Gave them $5 more dollars, offered to buy them food. Stopped just short of inviting them to stay with me.

We had a single drink at Betty's, walked around the Farmer's Market, and we were gonna go to Babycakes, but my stomach started rumbling, so I went home. Tim was there when I arrived, I took a nap. He was gone when I woke up, so I browsed around online. A meth couple hit me up, so I went and topped both of them. They also had a dog, though apparently a very unfriendly one. He never barked at me, but did give me a million side eyes. I made him a makeshift dog bed out of some blankets, topped both the boys, then left. Billy also invited me over, but I was tired enough that my dick wasn't working. Billy is massive, so rarely gets to bottom, and I'm not, so I rarely get to top. Oh well, I guess we're both sticking with our strong suits. I came for him, then went home and slept poorly.


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