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Went to bed on time, didn't drink anything, so naturally I still slept fitfully. Coming back to work was a slog, and I didn't get everything done, but I got the biggest fires put out. Tim texted me in the afternoon, to remind me that his graduation from Accion Academy was tonight. At 5:30 pm on Euclid. Fortunately, there was a 24 hour a couple miles away. Unfortunately, between the time to get there and the time to get to the graduation, I'd have had a 10 min workout. The graduation itself started late, because of course it did. Tim brought Pupple, I took him for a walk. Apparently some guy there was an ass about it, because there was also food in the back. Pupple, for his part, was not comfortable and kept switching between my and Tim's lap. He was also better behaved than any of the children present.

Tim got his award, Pupple seemed uncomfortable, so I took him outside, but then he felt abandoned by Tim and was straight up crying at the door. I don't like confrontation (where I'm in the wrong), so I wasn't willing to walk him past the security guard. I finally got home around 8:30, poured myself a glass of wine and watched Drag Race.

I happened to notice a post by Dave Shumake the other day. Dave is a good friend, though I don't see him much. He has thanked me profusely for "fucking his broken heart back together," and I've thanked him profusely for helping me move. It was a terrible article saying that Bernie Sanders is "cheating" by staying in until the convention, because even though the rules say the Superdelegates don't vote until then, he's taking valuable resources from Hillary's campaign that she needs for the general. This narrative has played out from the beginning of his candidacy, but it gets vicious when he wins. And since he's been on a winning streak lately, it's grown proportionately angrier. Dave has warned against vitriol on his page, so I'm extra careful not to condescend, to be on my best behavior, even while he's been spewing more and more hateful remarks towards Sanders supporters (whiners and trolls) and Sanders himself (pussy).

My pointing out that it isn't cheating to wait until there's an official winner got me defriended.

I finished the bottle of wine. I slept okay, given that alcohol usually means terrible sleep, but I did have a strange dream. Moon crashing into the Earth, cities flooding, people forming survival cliques. Snappy dressers, for it being the end of the world.

Better Aim

Apr. 7th, 2016 02:45 pm
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Despite having an exhausting fucking day and getting to bed at a reasonable hour, I couldn't sleep at all. It was well after 1am before I finally dozed off, and I woke up before my 6am alarm.


There was some bullshit "interview" with Bernie Sanders, which was trumpeted by Hillary supporters as a nail in the coffin for a few days before it was rightly called out as being bullshit. Of course, Hillary supporters are still claiming it's a nail in the coffin, because politics often resembles a childhood game of cops & robbers. Each side claims direct hits on the other, and the other "dodges" all of it.

Though I usually don't post political stuff, I did repost the article calling out the initial hitpiece interview, which drew a few Hillary supporters trying to throw shade. To quote a recent macro I saw, "I don't throw shade, I give light" - I will light you on fire. Aside from not drowning in everything that's been going on, getting to so completely eviscerate people trying to attack me has been the highlight of my week.

I somehow made it through the day, got all my work done, and picked up the Friday breakfast goodies for work the next day before heading home. Lloyd was gone when I got there, which is good because as nice as he was, I was ready to have my living room back. Shane hasn't texted me back about staying with me this weekend, but I wanted at least one night alone before he comes in (if he comes).

Amazingly, I did not text Julian back. I have no idea what to say to him, and I don't think we've had enough space for us to do anything but fall back into our terrible patterns. Instead I jerked off on the couch looking at pictures of his ass. Temptation to text him subsided after that. Go figure.


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