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I felt like I slept forever, but it was before 7 when I woke up. Not really great, given how long our Saturday show day is. I tried to get back to sleep, but nothing doing. I worked out, attended to some porn company stuff. I happened to remember that not all of our costumes were provided - for my numbers, all I needed to bring was a white button down and a pair of black slacks. As it turns out, though, I don't happen to have either of those. I have a pinstripe shirt and a pair of black slacks that are basically parachute pants at this point. It could work in a pinch, but since I had the extra time, I decided to go thrift store shopping like I'd meant to for literally weeks and see if there was anything better.

I stopped at Baras first, since 1) they're closer, and 2) they have changing rooms. Amazingly, not only did I find perfect fitting white dress shirt and slacks, I also found a pair of jeans. Not Armani Exchange like the jeans Jeff "adopted," but they fit.

Joe had asked for an extra run-through of Newsies and for us to be there early, but I guess it was canceled, because we didn't do it. The practice run went relatively smoothly. I'm really happy Alex is in Cell Block, because he's not remotely shy about, for example, telling the choreographer and director that the cells need to be as backed up to the stage as possible. The rest of the run-through was pretty uneventful, except that I couldn't hear the start of the chorus on YCSTB.

Eric, the other top from Sunday's party, messaged me about my plans for the night, since he was in town. I offered him a place to crash, but it turns out hadn't left the city at all. So then...why am I just hearing from you now?

We went to sushi across the street for dinner. Because it's bullshit downtown, the single cucumber roll I got was $8. There was a big group of us, though I ended up at a corner with a tall Aussie gent, who is apparently in a relationship with Kenny, and across from Shannon. Tall Aussie had a tendency to dominate the conversation, but I didn't feel like pressing the issue as I normally would - continuing talking louder and louder when someone interrupts me. I did manage to have a decent, brief chat with Shannon about drugs, and travel, and porn. He's volunteering to be a camera guy for the company, which is awesome.

In much less time than I anticipated, it was show time. My guests were all coming to the Sunday show, but it turns out I had a rather large number of folks I knew in the audience tonight, as well. Gabe, Jase, a couple old tricks of mine. I did a pretty stellar job, really. The only awkward part was Hamilton, and that had nothing to do with me. It was a cappella. We could see the band playing, but no sound was making it out. I imagine something to do with their mikes. The dancers fared better than the singers, who missed a couple notes. Everything else was stellar. I couldn't seem to get on my leg practicing downstairs for Cell Block, so I went with the safe option and did a coupe turn instead.

Outside, Jay and Paul congratulated me. They'd come to the show with the current director of the Diversionary, who'd only previously seen me in The Va Va Voom Room. Despite being a "central" cast member in that show, I didn't have much of anything to do. This is one reason that just being on stage really isn't enough for me. I might be projecting, but he certainly looked surprised to see me.

A couple random passerbys also pulled me out to tell me how good I was, which always feels awesome.

Mat, a heavy set gentleman I've met at the Hole a couple times, had invited me to be his guest for the evening, not realizing I was actually in the show. He congratulated me on the show, and I caught him as the crowd was dispersing and he was waiting for a Lyft. I offered him a ride, figuring I could save him some cash, and he ended up paying for parking, since he can expense it to his business. Handy.

A couple of the chorus members were meeting at Gossip Grill, and Bryan Riley had messaged me about going out, so I invited him. I ate *way* too many sammiches while I waited for him to get back to me, and also got a FB message from Julian begging me to text him. I probably shouldn't have, but I did. Somewhat predictably, he responded with "who dis?" and said he'd deleted my number months ago. Sure, except for the text he sent me less than a week ago. He called and drunkenly talked about life and things. I was pretty rapidly passing out, so when my finger slipped on the End Call button after I said "bye," I didn't call him back.


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