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Jul. 9th, 2017 02:22 pm
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Woke up too early but laid in bed with Lady Miss Friday. Tim asked to come over for tofu scramble. Patrick, the nice Aussie from yesterday, also messaged me, though he'd apparently just jerked off. He asked to come over for scramble as well, and I said sure. In spite of my requests, the sink was full of dishes. And even the ones that had been washed were gross. I washed some dishes, started draining the tofu, and at the last minute decided to get cleaned up. Good thing, since despite having just jerked off, Patrick immediately fucked me on arrival. It gets *SO HOT* in my room. I think it's the single window, really. We had just laid down to take a break from fucking and Patrick asked when Tim was supposed to arrive when there was a knock on my door, because Tim had arrived. Patrick was surprisingly non-judgmental of the disgusting mess that is my living room right now, liked the scramble, then left for a pool party in east county (thanks for the invite?)

I didn't have any plans for the day, which is always weird. I went in to download the video from my shoot with Michael and found that Dave had cut off access. It's really nice to have free labor, but it might cost too much, tbh. FHA was just about to get out of his show and agreed to go to either The Hole or PECS. Ryan was having people over for pool and bbq. I appreciate that he invites me once I text him, but I'd rather he invite me to begin with. Saving money is good, so I asked FHA if he'd be down to do that instead and was surprised to hear he was not. I'd later find out that he does some research any time I invite him somewhere, and once I thought about it, Ryan is great, but does have some shallow, bitchy friends. Since I missed the last Bear Night, it's been roughly *forever* since I've seen him, and he got back to me first, so I kept it with PECS. He arrived just after I finished showering - I'd very nearly came handsfree while I was checking to make sure I was good - and we found really great parking.

Peter is in the show with FHA, but was already there and quite tipsy. The bartender bought his first drink but not mine, which, okay, not everyone is a fan of mine. One of the chorus members was sitting at a table with another guy who it turns out is the owner of Martini's Above 4th. He's a fan of Lindsey Alley, but she doesn't sell well enough to book her there. He might also book FHA's friend (and therefore FHA) for more shows, and might possibly book me for the wreath auction. I also happened to run into Brad and his ex, Jim. Jim was hypersensitive during their relationship, and it doesn't help that Brad is a big horndog with a big thing for me. I'm *exceptionally* charming when I need to be, so I nearly charmed us into a 3 way.

Before too long it was time to go home, though, so Aimee picked up FHA, I headed home, drank some water and crashed.
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