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Texted Warren in the morning - he'd not gone to sleep until around 3:30. I mean, I hadn't either, but I didn't have a twink with me. What had kept him up? Oh, just laid in bed.....Okay.

Had to get ready for rehearsal before Tim picked me up. I needn't have hurried, as he didn't arrive at my place until I was supposed to be there. I was a little late for it, and more than a little drunk. On the plus side, I saw an adorable husky puppy as I was walking in. Most people treat dogs like celebrities, as it turns out, it's just that it means different things to different people. Most people swarm them, reaching out to touch, etc. I hang back like a stalker. The puppy decided I was safer, so scooted back from everyone else to sit on my foot and lick my face. One of the other crowd members took a picture. Her name is Sapphire, because of her blue eyes, which...groundbreaking, but she was still adorable.

Berto hit me up again on the break, and apparently lives quite close to rehearsal. Thank heavens I douche 10x/day. He was fun, but had trouble staying hard, and I think he faked his orgasm. I certainly didn't taste anything when I was fingering myself. He dropped me back off at rehearsal for Raise Your Glass, which, while boring, isn't as bad as I remember it being.

Tim was running late from getting his dad's car, so I initially asked Warren to pick me up on his way, but he was also running late. I suddenly remembered that John lives in Uptown, so I asked him for a ride home instead. In the spirit of inviting people who invite me places, I'd asked Paul if he wanted to join for the Divorce Party. He called me, and despite my telling him several times that I couldn't understand what he was saying, just kept talking. I finally hung up and texted him instead. Tim made it back with my car, but then got absorbed into watching Star Trek, or whatever it was.

Amazingly, I managed not to drink much at the party. And it was an okay time. Nelson, who is normally blunt to the point of being a jerk, said I was stellar in the last SDGMC show. Also commented on Warren's bulge and butt. A lot of people commented on my moving quickly, which....yeah. And a *lot* of people asked me if he was my boyfriend in the way that meant they wanted me. One guy in particular, Patrick from Australia, was pretty into me. He'd previously mentioned he was attracted to me at Paul's last party, but was also very very squeaked at the time and quickly moved on to someone else. It was strange, but not terrible being with Warren. It turns out he doesn't like saliva, so he doesn't kiss or suck dick. The no kissing is a problem. Like...a big one. He's more than a little stoic, but would sometimes hook a leg around me to bring me closer when we were in the pool or similar.

I tried to get us going around 7, which was the start time for the Bear Pool party, but Warren was having second thoughts on going at all. At 8:15, Dave messaged me, very upset I'd broken my "promise" to be there. My text to him said "I should be able to go!" I don't think that's semantics, but he does and ended with "fuck you." It's so hard being popular.

I got us a Lyft back to my place because the sun takes so damn much out of me. Tim was still there, I introduced them and headed to my room. Warren said he was tired, but I noticed he was also hard. Also, I didn't fuck him last night, and I'm not doing this bullshit again with someone. He didn't spend the night, which makes absolute sense. I was even more tired than I thought, so I crashed out next to Lady Miss Friday.
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