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Bryan caught up with me about his appointment that he'd managed to keep. Apparently Sunburst is very very full, as no one leaves there before they have to, but there might be an opening through a church in a couple weeks. Still much longer than I wanted, but okay. I sent both of them a message letting them know 1) I had a client after work, so they needed to not be there, and 2) even though they're not going to be at my place much longer, it would serve them both *very* well to be more aware and considerate of the people around them. It took Bryan a month from being asked for him to finally do his dishes, when he shouldn't have needed to be asked to begin with. Both of them have woken me up in the middle of the night, and possibly the neighbors as well, with TV or voices. How are you unaware that people can hear you? How are you so unconcerned that neighbors will complain and we'll all get thrown out? Richard sent an apology for "his transgression" which tells me he didn't actually read the message, just saw something critical and started kicking himself.

On the plus side, I was a total rockstar at work. Tons of claims done, tons of case offers, all the mail, etc. No workout, unfortunately. Warren asked me if I wanted to go to the AYCE vegan thing...but he doesn't have any money, so I'd need to pay for both of us at $20-30 each. Nah, but we can have dinner together tonight. Oh, would I be cooking for him or taking him out? He also doesn't want to fuck me bare, but doesn't like the condoms I have, so wants me to buy his preferred brand. I'm not really sure if he's just spoiled or trying to play me for a Sugar Daddy. He accidentally came while edging, which isn't a deal breaker for sex, but put a definite damper on things.

I got home, got cleaned up, had Topher and Norman over. I mentioned I'd seen Topher's second scene with Guybone, and he mentioned he's shooting with them again on Tuesday. I'm screaming over this, because I'm Jenna Motherfucking Maroney, and it's maddening that they're apparently willing to work around the day job for him but not me. That he gets his 3rd shoot in less than a year and I've had to fight for once/year. Both of them noticed I was distracted during the session. I feel bad, but not that bad. I'm hosting, I brought them together, I'm involved. Norman just wants someone to cum, but Topher hasn't managed to do it yet. After Norman left, Topher talked about how frustrating it is applying to various studios, getting positive feedback but never actually getting cast. He's also got a scene coming up this summer, so he's got way more shoots on the books than I do. Sort of. I mean, I've got several, but they're for my nonprofit, and it's a *very* different feeling to be casting people to have sex on camera than it is to be cast. I have to tell myself I'm not a predator pretty constantly. Or maybe that's just been because my first two costars were very clearly very not into me.

I left late to get fuel for my car, condoms, and groceries. Warren had taken a nap, and now his roommate was there, so we should share the food with her, too. But then Ralph's was out of the condoms he wanted, I couldn't even find the pasta, and Trader Joe's was out of "sausage." No, fuck this. He still wanted me to come up, but it was getting towards 8 and I'm a bit of a perfectionist in the worst way. If something starts going wrong, I don't want to do it at all. And while I'm working on it, between him cumming, my being late, there being no condoms, no food, and his roommate there...fuck it.

Richard was watching Star Trek when I got back, loud enough I could hear it through my walls. If I'd had any doubt he didn't comprehend the message this morning.....I had a glass of wine, too tired to jerk off, and laid down to sleep with a pillow over my head to drown out the TV.
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