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Woke up at 3 of course, got into my toy chest and didn't manage to cum, but did manage to fall back asleep. That's a win! Made it to work on time, but got reminded that I agreed to do all of JJD's case offers, and he had over 30. Not cool, JJD. Also struggled to keep up with my claims, unfortunately. Jeff messaged me again about stopping by to get his stuff. One of his friends in the mid-West killed himself. Mostly. Was on life support for a bit, but apparently brain dead. So he's got that on top of being a homeless addict.

Texted with Warren, bought bulk Claritin for him, he tagged me in a bunch of posts. I also made an appointment to buy a cat tree. $150 cat tree for $50. More than I'd hoped to spend, but even just scratching posts cost almost that much, so might as well go big. I crashed briefly at home while I waited to hear back from them. Rhea, the seller, and her friend Amy, were having wine and cheese in South Park, but helped me load the cat palace into my car. I'd initially meant to go to rehearsal with the thing in my car, but we had to tie it down as it was.

Rehearsal was somewhat boring, but not completely useless. Keith wants to have an additional rehearsal for Single Ladies with me and Ben on Friday night. Okay. Jeff was still at my house when I got back and talked to me at length about his friend. Even though it was way past my bed time, I offered him a ride to his friends place. It's about a mile away, but he had a lot of stuff to carry.

I finally got to sleep at home...only to be woken up at 2am by Richard's strange, drunken, part-screaming part-singing. He's done this before because he "can't hear himself" over his headphones. As soon as I came out of my room, he pulled them off and stopped. I just...I don't understand.
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