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Woke up bright and early, went to make coffee. Saw we had none, then remembered that I bought some instant stuff just for such an occasion. Go me! Drove out to Dave's place and then to the very busy bank. Cute teller there, nice older lady who helped us, too. Pretty simple process, really. I also better explained the Porn with a Purpose project for SWoRN.

Tim asked to come over for brunch and I didn't really have anything else planned, so I said sure. Made tofu scramble for him and Richard, and we put up my mirror, too. I'm honestly really excited about it, and my butt already looks great in it.

As I was cleaning up, I got a call from former houseguest Leon. He mentioned the last time I saw him that he had found a foster for his dog, Banjee. And I'd just seen via FB a little while back that he was going back into in-patient rehab. The people fostering Banjee can't keep him any long. Our friend Kenton can keep him, but can't drive up to Santa Ana to get him, so could I do it right now or early tomorrow morning? Yeah, I guess I can.

The drive up wasn't terrible. A little stop and go in places, but my music kept me pretty occupied. Sarah, her husband, and her mom live in a lovely little house. Banjee was playing with her mom in the back yard, but immediately laid down for belly rubs when I sat down. We loaded up my car with food, toys, and his blanket and got on the road home again. Banjee makes a stellar co-pilot. Calm, occasionally sleepy, though he's an oddly shaped dog to fit in my front seat. Unfortunately, even though we missed one traffic accident by leaving a little later, the rest of the drive got progressively worse, until it was finally faster to drive east 16 miles and then continue south. Other people on the road were largely and surprisingly great. One guy kept exclaiming when he passed us and saw Banjee, and a group of girls blasting Rihanna were enamored of my lip syncing skills. Especially as I was lip syncing from 3 lanes over. And wonderful Banjee was still just as calm.

I let Kenton know when we were close, and he apparently misunderstood that he was even taking Banjee, but was fine with it. He has 3 Shiba Inus already, and after a little initial snarling from the grumpy old man of the group (Banjee still calm as ever), they all seemed to get along.

I had just enough time to shovel some food in my face when I got home before I had to start getting ready for my clients. They'd initially scheduled things for 9:30, then 9, then at 8:15 said I could come by whenever. By 8:15, of course, I was already in the shower getting ready, and really had no way to hurry things along at that point. I got to their place a little after 8:45, took a shot of Bimix, and followed them upstairs. I've rarely had such a fun time, tbh. Flip fucking, sling fucking, piggy fun for 2 hours. I felt bad because the one guy was pretty high, so moved us around from position to position pretty quickly, and the other guy, through some combination of age and drugs, was unable to get/stay hard even with multiple shots of Bimix. He managed to fuck me some, but probably not as much as he'd have liked. They wanted me to stay longer, but had already scheduled another guy to come over at 11. I guess it's an all night thing for them.

I could probably still have made it for the tail end of Bear Night, but Grady and Robby invited me to hand with them and their friend downtown, so I headed there instead. It was less orgy than I thought it was going to be, and more hanging out drinking and petting cats. Which is also fine with me, and I did get to fuck Robby (finally) and Grady, as well as DP Grady with Robby's dick and my tongue. Our host decided not to join, as his husband is out of town. It was a little after 5am when Robby got a message from *his* husband, and while I didn't get whatever the memo was, he seemed very upset. Everyone but me - including 18 year old Grady - had smoked meth. I'm used to people smoking meth, so that didn't freak me out at all. What did freak me out was how tempted I was to also smoke meth. Not even with them, but the idea of spending a couple days furiously masturbating sounded *amazing* to me right then. It still sounds amazing, really. Just without the meth. I gotta find something else to do.

I finally dropped them off at Robby's and headed home to crash myself.
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