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Messaged Bryan in the morning only to find he missed his appointment again. I nearly lost it with him, typing in and deleting a dozen messages. I eventually managed to simmer down, and just explained he needed to figure something out, because it's been 3 months. Richard moved in, though he should hopefully only be there for a week or two. He has a job, just needs to find a place. Hopefully. It was a very long day that kind of wouldn't end. Feeling pretty disheartened about the nonprofit, and it turns out I misread an invite for Saturday; it's actually an invite for Pride. Damn. Phillip, one of the guys I met/fucked at Sean's, and who I got into a huge disagreement over Sanders. But we still gt along reasonably well, and he still wants to fuck me. So I invited him over later in the evening, but hit the gym before. It was a good workout, and helped clear my head.

When I got home, I started getting cleaned up early, but even with him running late, I still had to run to the bathroom one more time when he got there. I was fine for the rest of the time, though. It was nice to fuck him without being so drunk. I came for him, shot all over his face, we stayed chatting after about healthcare, and work, and my nonprofit, and mistakes.


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