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David Wichman contacted me in the morning, asking around about companies he could shoot with, so I sent messages to Jason, Jay, and Rob, putting in a good word for him.

Scheduled the shoot with Michael for 7, because I had to pick up Dave from east county and didn't want to fight traffic. And also figured I could get everything set up on my own, because I'm a Big Boy. But I get out at the very start of traffic, and as Dave pointed out, Big Boys play to their strengths and delegate the rest. Traffic was bad, but not as bad as if say, I'd torn my apartment apart looking for the camera only to remember later that Dave had it. I told Michael he could come early, but call time was 7, and he showed up right at 7.

The interview went much better than last time, though I still need to tamp down on my anxiety and work on follow up questions. The scene itself was awful. He couldn't get hard at all. Apparently he'd taken 13 loads today, so despite not having cum, was pretty fucked out. Makes total sense that you'd do that the day of a fucking porn shoot. He watched some porn on his phone to get hard, which always feels like a rejection for me. Dave suggested we call it, and before I could agree, Michael so desperately said he was almost hard that I didn't stop him. He managed to fuck me very very briefly, gave a small cumshot, I shot buckets.

Dropped Dave back off at home, then picked up Tyler for a drink at Mo's. He's in town shooting for Bromo, which mollified me that I wasn't being passed up for a shoot by one of the companies I'd already shot with. Also I didn't know they shot here. They apparently require you do do their own STD test 24 hours before a shoot, which is kind of smart but 1) makes no sense since they can take up to 72 hrs to show up and 2) probably nerve wracking for the stars. We have somewhat different thoughts on sex work, and also he's afraid of mice, so he probably won't be crashing at my place any time soon. Took him to get food, since he was pretty tipsy, then went home myself.

Robby and Grady were at a hotel and invited me over, but I keep telling them 1) we need to schedule in advance and 2) school nights are highly unlikely.
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