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Found out JJD is going on vacation for the next week and a half. Okay. Ken, one of the Tops I've been chatting with on Scruff, decided to come visit SD to go to Blacks, but mostly to fuck me. I guess people have spent more on less, but still. My stomach was being a bit weird, but I got to a place that I was fairly confident. He was staying at the King's Inn, which is close by and has free parking. Yay! We had a great time. Like, a really great time. He said I suck dick like a porn star, which I wasn't sure if it was a joke or not. I do love dry humor. He came twice, I came close but saved it. His partner is a famous TV personality - worked with Dr. Phil and Oprah...flipping houses, I think? Can't recall. He's very interested in my nonprofit - really gets what I'm trying to do, which is awesome. And wants to have my up to PS some time.

I only briefly considered going to rehearsal. It's Keith's, which means he's unlikely to be showing us anything new. Sent my email begging off due to my back and contacted Mitchell instead.

Mitchell was staying at the Hard Rock downtown, so I drove down to meet him. He'd previously suggested I use his shower, but then asked me to just pick him up and go with him to dinner. Um, sure? There was a baseball game or something going on, so of course traffic and parking were atrocious. Further towards the Lyceum, we did manage to find something, so I took him to Panera. He talked about his experience with escorting/street walking when he was 16/17, and about his current job with AVID, and some troubles there. On the walk back, he talked about our first meeting, and how I wasn't into him. No, I was just oblivious. He'll be back in August, and wants to get together then. We kissed in the car when I dropped him off, but there was no place to park, and my stomach had started getting wonky anyway.

Tim was at my place when I got back, because he was able to get into the storage unit a few days ago. He thinks it just needs some lube. Don't we all. We managed to get the door open, but all the camera stuff is actually in my apartment. Meh. I'm glad I know how to get in.


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