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Another busy day at work, and I stayed after journaling for two hours. Bryan hadn't heard back from the housing guy, and still hasn't been able to see his doc. Asked if I could take him for groceries, which I said I'd do after the gym. He seems astounded by how much time I spend away from home. While I was still at work, I heard from none other than the magnificent Matt Torrell. Kind of random, really, and I'm not sure what prompted it, but it was good to hear from him.

Great gym workout, bought most stuff for Desert Romp. Still can't decide on an outfit for the Friday night Wet Underwear contest that I'm hosting for the 3rd year in a row, no one could play him like you could, no one's going to.

Michael posted that he's going to be in town for two days, which is basically my only chance to shoot with him. I've worked clients with him before, and we did a scene together once. He was hungover for the scene and required two shots of TriMix to get hard. He apparently had a disastrous scene with Raw & Rough, too. Similar deal. It's kind of maddening, because he's thin and hung and could have a stellar career, but seems to self sabotage. Or something. I'm not sure, but as a sex worker with an up and coming DJ career, he's kind of a poster child for SWoRn.

Tyler is also coming to town for a couple days, for a shoot, and I'm quieting the voice in my head wondering who he's shooting with.

Richard, one of my house guests from what was essentially an AA meeting at my place, is in need of a place again. He's been at a shelter for a while, but has a job now, so it should be a relatively short stay for him. I also got a strange call from Willis, but he just left a rambling message when I couldn't answer. I texted him but he just responded that he was "fine." Someone later took a surreptitious photo of him at the Loft.

I meant to do a quick workout, but everything was working for me. Good thing, because I don't anticipate having a ton of time for it in the next couple days. Even my cardio was longer than expected, thanks to the Benny Benassi remix of ET.

Bryan was sleeping when I got home, but I woke him up since he'd asked me to take him and TJ's was closing soon. Groceries closer to $50 this time, which is great. Really didn't have much energy for anything else by the time we got home, but I did have the foresight to try to get into my storage unit and look for various filming equipment. Something's wrong with the door, though, and I couldn't get it open.


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